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Jeremy Corbyn announced his plans to create 10 new national parks under a Labour government and plant 2bn new trees by 2040, in order to tackle the climate crisis. 
Speaking in Southampton to a crowd including climate strikers, Corbyn said: ‘We are living in the jaws of a climate and environment emergency. We cannot afford more wasted years of Conservative inaction from a government bought and paid for by the big polluters and the billionaires’
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  1. Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper says:

    Trumps hear today in England he’s made it quite clear America don’t want our NHS what are you going to hinge on now ?. Enjoy retirement corbyn this country has always wanted out and you and your left wing labour have done your best to stop it . More fool you 😂😂😂👀👀👀💯%

  2. Jsmes Oercy
    Jsmes Oercy says:

    Ban fur? I have a fur collar ! If it's trapped responsibly and sustainably it shouldn't be illegal. And trapping is how certain people used to eat. I agree like all things it can be regulated. Sadly, he might lose much of the countryside over that fox hunting bash.

  3. Danny Moore
    Danny Moore says:

    Page 71 of the Labour Manifesto "We will work with others to resume rescue missions in the Mediterranean, co-operate with the French authorities to put an end to the horrific camps, and establish safe and legal routes for asylum seekers.Once here, refugees will have the right to work, access to public services and will be treated humanely by government at all levels"

  4. Common Sense
    Common Sense says:

    How about 'plans' to take help low income family's instead of the extra £400 a year some will have to find under your crippling tax policies ? Why did the Labour Party turn their backs on the working classes in favour of the pseudo intellectual who talks 'about' the working class ?

  5. TheRealHighonlife
    TheRealHighonlife says:

    Channel 4 I hope Ofcom throw the book at you….clearly a stitch up with your buddy corbyn having the ice sculptures made days before then refusing the appointed environmental conservative speaker and the brexit party representative.
    What a bunch of jokers on this show talking about climate change even the Green Party haven’t a clue about how to tackle real climate change…..you claim you want to make a change right now…try starting by ripping your own gas boiler from your home and live in a passive home yourself you hypocrites…
    The green ideas coming from these so called global defenders is laughable… Are they going to replace everyone’s vehicle and give market value? and pay for everyone’s new electric car? Corbyn is in some dream world and claims he is going to retrofit every home in the uk for free….lies lies lies….what a joker he thinks by placing some insulation in a loft it will make it zero carbon…..is he and the others standing here saying they will foot the bill or rather the British tax payer? pay the total cost for everyone’s new boiler, complete cost of everyone’s insulation, new doors, windows, solar panels, air source heat pumps, have massive feed in tariffs for free?? NO Labour are going to force every uk household to part with the best part of 40k within 10 years time themselves and if you cannot afford outright you will be forced to pay a loan for the rest of your life for most to meet these green requirements you are claiming within 10 years time.
    25 million homes x 40k.. let Abacus abbot work that figure out for you😂 Labour and these other jokers are in some fantasy land with a forest of money trees, or is that a land of weed they are smoking with their manifestos 😂😂 next you will be wanting a cull of all livestock after you bottle their gas for energy.🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. docnelson2000
    docnelson2000 says:

    Wait for a week or two and this 'democrat' will call for the prosecution of the policeman who shot Usman Khan due to an alleged infringement of Khan's human rights…..watch this space….Corbyn was, is and always will be a Sinn Fein/IRA apologist.

  7. SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger says:

    Jeremy is just wonderful He is planting 2 billion new native English trees. My country, New Zealand is only planting 1 billion new natives. English native trees he will plant include yew, oak, birch, elm, willow and ash. Jeremy is a wonderful man.

  8. Etheric
    Etheric says:

    Lies lies and more ridiculous lies. And what is unbelievable is the fact people are brain dead enough to believe these fairytales. ALL politicians LIE before an election. Its been going on for centuries, wake the heck up people.

  9. Red
    Red says:

    Corbin’s logic: Lets plant 2 billion trees to save the environment, also let’s have open boarders and free movement. This man really believes he can do both, build houses to accommodate the entire third world he world import and plant 2 billion trees, it’s one or the other. No doubt he’s trying to pander to the climate activists and young people to get a vote. This man is a hypocrite don’t waste your vote, rather then plant more trees this man would cut more down so he can house immigrants to vote for him again.


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