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Life is a Joy #231 Near Zion National Park

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  1. Karen Lynn
    Karen Lynn says:

    I saw your tour just now, on another channel.  And saw Life is a Joy comment from there, so I found your channel.  Happy Days to both of you.  ((Jim, wonder do you have a video, with all the written out links, everything you spoke about on the channel.  I have dyslexia, and can't catch things when spoken out.  We were forced to down size a year ago, and just praying, God's will to find a bus to make into a traveling home too.  I love that this one is a blue bird  = )

  2. Anthony Burkett
    Anthony Burkett says:

    Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Debbie! Haaaaapppppppyyy Birrrrrthdaaaaay tooooooooo YouuuuuuuuUUUUUU!!~ Aaaaaannnnnddddd Mannnnnyyyy Moooooorrrrre! Cha Cha Cha!!!~ 😀

  3. L M
    L M says:

    These many hikes you go on must be great for your health and energy. Are you finding it easier to live a healthy lifestyle on the road, or more challenging?

  4. Dakota Waters
    Dakota Waters says:

    Happy belated birthday lady! Man I sure miss you guys! I'm out in the desert too, about 25 miles from where I have to be in Pahrump the 14th. Working on the bus, trying to get a bunch of stuff done I've been putting off. It is so cold and WINDY today! Not sure on the mileage from here to Q, but if it's close enough, I still plan to be there when I said lol. You two be safe; miss you guys. Kiss Maize for me. 🙂

  5. James Palmer
    James Palmer says:

    Interesting, you not only passed through where I live, "Saint George" but your Birthday Oct 6 of 1951. Mine is Oct 7 of 1951. It would have been nice to meet you for lunch, oh well. Stay Safe.

  6. Valerie B
    Valerie B says:

    I imagine it's really exciting to get to a new area and soak in all the beautiful scenery! …For some reason i was holding my breath when you were at the edge of that river cliff Jim! haha!…Have a delightful time there in Zion National Park!!! Grace be with ya'll!

  7. Delta S
    Delta S says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, I knew I watched you for a good reason, we are both Oct. Babies. PS you look great for your young age. Have a blessed day, and safe travels always. 🎂


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