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What is Mavic Mini’s latest firmware update v1.00.04 about? I explain in Seoul Drone Park in Korea.

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  1. KennyandSara Dechmerowski
    KennyandSara Dechmerowski says:

    I agree with you 100% on this. Follow all local rules and regulations (My job for a cargo airline that flies all around the world is to make sure all regulations are in check, including South Korea) so all of us can enjoy flying these awesome cameras. We don't want to be "that guy" that ruins all the fun. Fly safe.

  2. \Roy Rogers Loves Stefaney//
    \Roy Rogers Loves Stefaney// says:

    Hey Young , Watch your channel all the time and I hoping you help me get the word out on this Major design Flaw .
    In heavy wind if its facing the wind it tilts so it can fight back and keep its position , BUT the props on the 2 front arms bend back due to the winds direct force on them at this angle and its causing them to hit the drone. While flying at 80ft 13mph wind at >then 25mph gust it was tilting and i could hear the plastic on plastic clinking so I brought it down to analyze it . That's when I found this out

    Most all the crashes I read about involve High wind and RTH  .
    I immediately reported this to DJI they seemed to take it serially but I haven't heard a peep out of them about it sense

  3. Irisbekov Rustam
    Irisbekov Rustam says:

    Thanks! That was such a positive information – about drone parks. I had not know about such kind of places. I should search for some nearby. 🙂 And thanks about getting a little bit info about flying in towns, it is interesting for me.


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