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We are SUPER excited to share our Utah adventures with you guys. First up, we meet up with our Matt and Christa of CeciliaTheShortBus, do some hiking in Bryce Canyon, then head down to Zion National Park! We hope you guys like this one, let us know what you think down in the comments!


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LUCKY PICKS UP A HITCH HIKER! // Traveling through Idaho…


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  1. Hawg Dawg
    Hawg Dawg says:

    Hey. When are youse two youngin's getting married? Have an awesome holiday season, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in 2020. Have fun in Zion. It's a blast. Don't forget your water socks to help keep your feet from getting raw But, then…you probably won't be hiking in the stream bed. Also, watch your backs in Page, AZ. The reservation cops love to write PHAT tickets and the judiciary is a bit on the PHAT side as well. If you get into a jam, I know of good attorney down in Flagstaff who can help you out.

  2. Evan Garza
    Evan Garza says:

    Hey Alyssa and Dan, I have been watching you videos four few months now and they are really entertaining and fun to watch. I have been to nearly all of locations you have been (being that I am from the PNW) and I would highly suggest Crater Lake, Or and or Yellowstone WY. These locations are amazing a beautiful and I would go to guess you two would love then as well! Keep posting, because ill be watching! Thanks.

  3. Mark B
    Mark B says:

    For me, this was your best video posted yet. I think with videos it is far better to see your experiences with narration than to get just a few brief highlights with a bunch of what I call run-up.

    Have I said that I really like this one the best? LOL. But it is true.

    BTW, I hiked Angels' Landing on Sept. 23, 2019, and Bryce Rim Trail on the 25th. Magnificent!

    Another hike y'all need to check out in warmer weather is The Incline, in Manitou Springs, CO. * SPOILER ALERT * The Incline is my fave hike so far.

  4. Wilber Peebody
    Wilber Peebody says:

    I'd like to see the home movies….the holidays with family and friends, the neighborhood, what home used to look like. Where'd you to go to school, and where were your favorite places to hang out when you were living in Baston or whatever town your from. The red almost flat looking mountains were really cool looking. Might be fun to see a point of view from each of you. Maybe trade back and fourth to give a different perspective.

  5. Siran Patzsch
    Siran Patzsch says:

    Ohhh… breathtaking views!!! Thank you Alyssa and Dan for your beautiful travel videos.
    Love both your Vlogs and cinematics!! You're both so talented and we feel the vibe!!
    Keep enjoying life!! Viva La Vita!!! xx


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