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27 replies
  1. Kofi Kyei
    Kofi Kyei says:

    This pastor is trying to expose himself that he dont know what he is doing cos he can't answer simply questions, see how zion is asking him and the pastor can't answer questions

  2. Joshua Adjei
    Joshua Adjei says:

    Stop being hypocrite Mr. Prophet do your work take your miracle and leave mmebusem alone always miracle not even to talk about the end time for people to Change from their bad deed more over who called you to become a prophet give me his number

  3. Joshua Adjei
    Joshua Adjei says:

    Master Prophet you see you people are now afraid of mmebusem quotes what's wrong with you is Jesus your Abusuapanyin nkwasiasem kwa her Zion why don't you do your work and leave mmebusem from your interview if you real know the number of people mmebusem is helping to know the word of God is uncountable

  4. Nhyiraba Agyemang
    Nhyiraba Agyemang says:

    You Zion Felix koraa
    …. how much did Salinko give you? You're trying so hard to bring Mmebusem down why? Why do you ask everybody you interview about Mmebusem? Masa, leave the guy alone na mop3 saa dodo aba! Is it because Salinko's wife is your girlfriend's client? So you guys don't have anything to discuss right? Mtchewwwww


    Zion mpo de3 now )boa mpo. always fake caption nkoaa.
    nowadays his interviews not dey nee koraa.

    Oh Boss pls so what about those pastors making money out of Jesus name and making fake miracles with the name?


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