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After Mesa Verde, we headed up to Moab and Arches National Park! This turned out to be one of our favorite stops in the summer of 2019!
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➡️ Dog/Cat Carrier: https://amzn.to/2GIfYKP
➡️ Doggles (dog goggles): https://amzn.to/2uRsiWC

➡️ Portal RV Resort: http://www.portalrvresort.com/
➡️ Arches National Park: https://www.nps.gov/arch/index.htm
➡️ Canyonlands National Park: https://www.nps.gov/cany/index.htm
➡️ Moab Side X Side Adventures: https://moabsidexside.com/
➡️ Sand Flats Recreation Area: https://grandcountyutah.net/287/Sand-Flats-Recreation-Area

🎥 Mesa Verde (Cortez, CO): https://youtu.be/yZAAlXkhi_4
🎥 RV Trip Planning and GPS: https://youtu.be/kvifp-Ldr2A

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35 replies
  1. Dave Beedon
    Dave Beedon says:

    The campground in Arches NP is difficult to use without a reservation. Every time I have been there (about a dozen times) the entrance booth displayed a "Campground Full" sign. In late mornings and mid-day the traffic back-up at the entrance can extend all the way onto the highway (US 191).

  2. Jim Steelman
    Jim Steelman says:

    Great video. Rode through Moab on the way to Boise this past summer, but didn't get to stop and enjoy the parks. That'll be another trip with the toy hauler next time. Hope to see you guys in Jacksonville in June.

  3. Proceeding Onward in America POA vlog
    Proceeding Onward in America POA vlog says:

    Just found you all on Youtube and we would be the same as you all climbing up that hill. Very interesting with those Condos/Townhouses in the park. Almost like a boondockers welcome with them allowing you to stay next to their house. We can't wait to make it out west probably next year and very excited to see all of your journeys and more of Daisy.

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    ROFLMAO!!!!! I'm remembering back to the video where y'all were 4-wheeling in some other vehicle with less dramatic drop-offs and how Tara was losing it then because of her fear of heights. (BTW, Tara…. You should know that I'm okay with heights PROVIDED I know I'm anchored in to something that, even if I fall, there's not a chance at all I can get hurt. But don't even think of asking me to jump out of a perfectly good plane with a parachute! hahahaha) What I'm saying is I kind of feel your pain … to a degree. THIS video was hilarious (although I have to say I found myself thinking "where the he** are the guardrails on either side of THAT trail?!!") because I know how afraid you can be and yet you're screaming "SO FUN!" and the entire time I'm thinking, "Yep! She's completely lost it at this point and that's dementia and hysteria settling in right there. hahaha. Okay, to be fair I am convinced that you've gotten much better facing your fears so I'm convinced you did have a good time – for the most part – sort of – maybe. ROFLMAO! And yet you cut the bike trip short cause the doggie was not comfortable. What???? (Okay, I'm a dog person. I can sort of understand that one also – but I still have to tease y'all a little over it. haha) I mean, my ex and I were so concerned back in the late nineties (for our dogs when we would go out for a day on the lake on the Sea Doo's) that I spent $70,000 on a Class C Yellowstone that we called "the dog house." Yes. We bought an RV to drive out to the lake for the dogs to stay in with air conditioning while we were having fun. LOL. So any teasing/shade I send your way re your princess puppy you are welcome to throw right back at me. HAHAHA. Great video as always. Chad, quit interrupting Tara. ROFL. Safe travels y'all!

  5. Roy Houston
    Roy Houston says:

    We stay at Portal! Love it there, we stay in the front half with the RV Quilters group. We were there in 2018, 2019 and are booked for 2020. We go at the end of October. A little chilly but there's no one around.

    We rented a RZR XP and did trails one day.

    There's a winery / resort / restaurant east of Moab on the river. Good place.


  6. Jack McGonegal
    Jack McGonegal says:

    Killer video, guys–great use of light and color. We're going out there in June, staying at the Moab Rim RV Park. Appreciate all of the good info you featured. Chad, you do realize you'll have to surrender your Man Card if you're ever seen wearing that dog carrier.

  7. Cindy Donaldson
    Cindy Donaldson says:

    Yes… must save your 10
    For Glacier…. there’s so much more there to see….
    Look up Lake 5 for a place to camp, tell them Jerry Cole’s grand daughter sent you, hopefully it’s still that same owners. It’s up there on the way to GNP in Columbia Falls. out of Kalispell MT, -same goes for if you decide to do a helicopter ride in the park. Sorry I can’t think of either owners names right now.
    Also if you’re driving north up to Kalispell on the west side of Flathead lake… enjoy the beauty from either side of the lake… but the west side just north of Wilde horse island there’s M&S Meats. They have THEE Best jerky, buffalo Jerky and “pepperoni” sticks, if ya love it like our family, stock up. My dad has even had it shipped.
    Also my other favorite place in MT in Three Forks is the Lewis and Clark Caverns.

    GNP I love the McDonald Lake lodge…. you can stand in the fire place it’s so big.

    Not sure of your filming dates and where you are when.

  8. Sandra Glover
    Sandra Glover says:

    Crazy how you guys just popped up (& yes, I subscribed) cause we have a group going to Moab/Arches In August this year. Tara, you are so cute, your facial expressions crack me up but I'd be screaming "take me back, NOW". We have a Razr, 2 seater. I the hubs & I are going through our 2nd childhood, trying to keep up with the young guys. Seriously, I'm looking forward to this trip, from Tennessee to Utah to say we road the Arches!!! Ride safe.

  9. nightfall22
    nightfall22 says:

    I’m laughing so hard. Go ahead and finish your thought brother. From the windows, to the walls……… hahahahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing. This was a beautiful video and that off road ride in the razor looked sooooo fun. Love y’all

  10. Peter McHenry
    Peter McHenry says:

    Next time you are on 128 turn at Castle Valley follow it to La Sal Loop road behind and above Moab. Super views of slick rock, Canyonlands and access to aspen groves near Oowah lake!


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