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Check out some of the photos from the trip here 👉 https://momnt.io/ZionOffsiteYT

Here’s a quick look at our trip to Utah!

The Moment team is composed of 25 extraordinarily hard-working, loving, creative, hilarious, adventurous go-getters. 3 times per year we get the team together for an offsite to hang out, plan, and grow as a team. This was our first trip out of Washington State.

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24 replies
  1. tommedvedich
    tommedvedich says:

    When Caleb is hand holding the camera in these clips, is it being filmed at 1/48 shutter speed or you just letting it happen auto styles? Just trying to get an idea of how granular you guys get!

  2. Lauren Francisco
    Lauren Francisco says:

    I'd love to learn from you all! Love what Moment does. Thanks for low-key pushing me to even start filmmaking in the first place. It was always a thought, but seeing how affordable it can be from you guys made it my reality. Love the gear. Can't wait to get my anamorphic lens.

  3. Brandon Highwood
    Brandon Highwood says:

    This is rad. Can't wait until you guys inevitably realize how dope of a fit I'd be within the Moment team as a writer and videographer and then just hire me on the spot like "Dang. That guy was totally right." And then we shoot more awesome flicks like this one. That'll be a good time.


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