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Protection list:

nuts – only 2 #10s
camalot cams:
4 #.1
4 #.2
4 #.3
5 #.4
6 #.5
4 #.75
2 #1
2 #2
2 #3
1 #5
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  1. Arrested Images Photography and Design
    Arrested Images Photography and Design says:

    Another great video Eric – man, that Zion National Park sure is something else!! I would love to just do a road trip through the park…..and possibly some climbing but I am not a proficient solo aid climber , I need another summer or two up at my local crag working on my systems etc until everything becomes second nature….I am in my late 50s now but climbing has always been such a big part of my life I just can't seem to quit despite having two extremely bad knees which make it hard just to walk…..I can thank 12 years of ski buming in the Canadian Rockies for my current knee problems plus racing as a kid prior to moving to the Lake Louise area. Being a bartender I would usually ski four days a week from November to late Aprils thus I probably have over 1500 hundred days on skis, now I am paying the piper…never thought it would happen this early but shit happens – I still wouldn't trade those years…..so many good memories , so good it seems I am stuck back in those days and can't move on – lol – oh well, good place to get stuck I guess ——-keep up the great work Eric and be safe partner cheers from chilly Canada!

  2. David Pagel
    David Pagel says:

    Hey man, love the videos! Hope your injury is healing properly! I am getting over double torn labrum a in my hips… but! If you want a climbing partner or to pass some knowledge onto someone let me know! I’m just getting into aid climbing and could use a mentor. I’m on Mountainproject if you want to climb sometime

  3. Luca Dondoni
    Luca Dondoni says:

    thanks for the video. I've just started doing aid climb, and your images are very motivating. And you look like a very calm and smart person. Which I believe are the most important things. Have fun and hello from Italy

  4. Michael S Johnson
    Michael S Johnson says:

    Which of the Zion Walls was your favorite. Many years ago I soloed Touchstone Wall. It was very much a learning experience. I also did the approach pitches on Moonlight Buttress with the idea to solo it. I turned around early though. Moonlight looks the cleanest. Have you climbed Prodigal Son. Great videos. I’m learning lots!! Thanks!!

  5. Max McKee
    Max McKee says:

    All your videos are awesome! Do you set your anchors up (specifically bolt anchors) for an upward pull? or do you just let the weight of your haulbag act as a counter weight in case of a fall? if so, what about when you are near the top and your bag is light?


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