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I attempt to hike up to Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park! This is a trail that goes along a 1,200 foot cliff. People have died here. It can be quite scary at times.

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46 replies
  1. Kimberly Shalaby
    Kimberly Shalaby says:

    Wow what a brave soul! What a beautiful view! Forgive me, please, I couldn't watch you coming down. My stomach went to my feet. What did you fix yourself for dinner that night? I would have made you a fat juicy steak with a spinach salad & baked sweet potato. Bex you are an amazing Lady! That was a beautifully well done video! It was amazing to see a Condor in flight. I bet your bed felt good too after dinner?

  2. Ke Le
    Ke Le says:

    11:3212:25 Whooaaa! Particularly 11:4511:49 OMG…enough to make me drop to my knees and cry, my heart about to burst at the fleeting sight of such power and grace in nature . I played this section over a half dozen times in 1/4 speed. Do you have any idea how unbelievably fortunate you are to have witnessed what you did, and caught it on video, no less? Huge "mic drop" moment. Thank you for sharing your once-in-lifetime experience. I am so afraid of heights that most of this video was very hard to watch. But how inexpressibly beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Taz Mod
    Taz Mod says:

    Amazing and pretty scenery. I turned the speed up when you were hiking. Like the energizer bunny. When I was younger heights didn’t bother me. Thanks for doing the hike. I would not seen it other words.

  4. Cheryl Coder
    Cheryl Coder says:

    Oh Bex!!!! That was wonderful!!! This was a perfect video, the scenery, the music, it took my breath away! And it took me away too for a bit. Loved it Bex, and thank you

  5. Marta Martinez
    Marta Martinez says:

    OMGoshhh!!!too much I was dizzie watching the video, too many people up and down I was afraid for you. You are Awesoning fearful I 👏👏 you. Thank you very much for sharing and be careful your life is very precious.

  6. Olivia Cessa
    Olivia Cessa says:

    We just run into your video by chance and we my husband burned his rice for not being able to stop watching. He wanted to make sure you got down safely! You freaken rock! We subscribed to your channel and will keep watching your videos! You are new inspiration!

  7. Magnolia Moon
    Magnolia Moon says:

    Wow that was epic! I'm exhausted just watching it. Thank you Bex for sharing with us. We need these distractions now and I'm glad you kept it long. The music was perfect too.

  8. Harley Bagger
    Harley Bagger says:

    I was wondering how you were filming those scenes. Are you kidding me, you record yourself and then hike back to get the camera? I thought maybe you had someone following to pick up the camera after each pass.
    Very impressive.

  9. Susan Gallagher
    Susan Gallagher says:

    Great video, Bex – the best I've seen that really shows what it's like to hike Angel's Landing. And now I know, for sure, that at age 68 there is no way in H*@@ I will ever do this hike! Beautiful scenery and I'm glad I got to see it through your lens. And so glad you made it safely down!! It is way easy to make a mis-step and fall when super tired.

  10. Debbie Reed
    Debbie Reed says:

    Tears from the Beauty, gasps from the heights, congrats to you for doing what you did!!! AWESOME VIDEO, Bex. I wonder what the increase in elevation was from beginning to Top?

  11. Kx RV66
    Kx RV66 says:

    I understand the NPS has just closed this trail to enforce social distancing as there were too many people on the trail. Talk about Double Jeopardy!?

  12. tsuki
    tsuki says:

    My Hero💖 You worked so hard and took such a risk, Ms. Bex … thank you for sharing this painful, painstakingly beautiful video of your hike up to Angel's Landing👍 Be safe and stay well … happy days🌹

  13. valeriawson
    valeriawson says:

    Thank you for the amount of effort you put into your video I know it took a lot of extra walking. That was o so high I could never make it so thanks for taking us with you it was very beautiful indeed. Glad you made it ok .


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