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So I decided to go back to my roots – immersive ride experiences shared via the magic of YouTube and Action Camera Technologies!

For those that do not know, we did this Road Trip back in 2014 and I have an entire playlist with all of the actual chatter amongst the riders recorded – check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3yJesYzmezFCJJMU8N-VVPU2p29X2cZi

I decided to dabble at refining the audio by adding a classic tune, ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ by Wagner. This not only allowed me to cover up some audio artifacts but also to lend another layer of immersion and mental creativity for the viewers.

Anyways, I really hope you like this style – let me know what you would change if anything and if it does well…. then awesome, I have loads of epic footage similar to this that I would love to share!

Best of wishes to you all,

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  1. SoopaBee
    SoopaBee says:

    An amazing auditory and visual treat my friend! Just goes to show that you could speak volumes without saying a single word. And with the growl of the pipes in the background…awesome. Loved it man. Please do more!

  2. faith biker
    faith biker says:

    That was a cool vid.  The country views was amazing.  The highest mountain we have here in the south where I live is the speed bump at the Walmart shopping center lol.  I am really getting to like your channel I think I will subscribe.  Ride safe!

  3. Dave geo
    Dave geo says:

    I think it's very "stand up" for you and Smoak, R. Robb, to respond to so many comments. You may not think so, but your celeb's to my kids. Responding really connects us to the "vlogger" thanks man, keep up great work!

  4. Freedom Rider
    Freedom Rider says:

    Was 1 of my absolute favorite series bar none.Thnks 4 taking us back 2 Zion.Trying 2 get on the Road King Custom 2day 4a short couple vlogs, Doesn't seem 2 bad out now, weather has been rough here lately, but that "Wagner" in the background has me filled with/inspiration. Rsmf.
    Freedom Rider out.

  5. Rob
    Rob says:

    Loved the revisit of those amazing sights and the cool sound of the bike. But I'm afraid every time I hear that tune all I can see in my head is that scene from The Blues Brothers! Haha. Sorry bud. :o)


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