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In the final episode of my 2019 Zion National Park Series, I was fortunate enough to have my best photography day of my entire trip. It was an awesome way to end my trip. Thank you to everyone that has followed along.

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  1. ElChickoPacko
    ElChickoPacko says:

    Amazing photographs Diego! I've watched videos from years ago and comparing them to now, your growth has been awesome to watch! I'm just starting out in landscape photography and it's so hard seeing people create such amazing and thought out work… Almost makes me feel like I'd never get to that point.. Very inspiring content though, thank you 🙂

  2. TheGuitarsadist
    TheGuitarsadist says:

    Beautiful pictures Diego and great VLOG with some very good advice. Sorry about getting ill and cutting the trip short, but what you were able to enjoy, I am sure you will remember for a long time. Best to and thanks for sharing.

  3. Pierre Liard
    Pierre Liard says:

    Despite the odds you never gave up. I think it is one of your best videos, and some images are really good. Some foregrounds are a bit distracting (1st image in particular). You may want to darken some, crop differently or even remove some details that don't belong to the scene. Except that, you had a successful trip to Zion. I cannot wait to see what you bring from Death Valley!

  4. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    I've never been to Zion. Are there places on the road where you can get on and off the shuttle? I am assuming there are stops at which you need to walk to in order to catch the shuttle. Enjoyed this series, sorry your enthusiasm was dampened by the bug.

  5. Tony Blackwell
    Tony Blackwell says:

    I enjoy your videos and your images but I want to make one comment and I don't want it to sound negative. If you would look more into your "vlogging" camera's lens instead of it's monitor, it would inject more of a "connection" with your audience instead of you narrating while looking away in a sort of a"disconnect'. Please don't take it as a negative comment. I have followed you for a long time and enjoy your content. I'm sure I'll get some criticism for some other viewers, but it's not meant as a negative comment. Thanks for sharing and take care

  6. Jeffrey Coggin
    Jeffrey Coggin says:

    Diego such great work and I have enjoyed every minute of your videos. Great images. I have the same worries about falls and losing equipment, I've lost a a few step-up rings here an there. If you make it back to the Smokys and find some breakthrough step-up rings let me know, haha. Take care and I'm very much looking forward to your next series.

  7. nevadaxtube
    nevadaxtube says:

    Thanks for sharing Diego. I am always amazed how each photographer sees things so differently even sharing the same location. I was there at about the same time and in my experience I found the colors very lackluster and dull. I found some isolated areas of decent color, but overall I was disappointed with my timing this year. I did manage to get a few keepers. However, despite my minor disappointment, I will surely be back again!

  8. scotty4418
    scotty4418 says:

    Despite cutting the trip short Diego, I would say it looked like you came away with a beautiful collection of images. Couldnt have been an easy cutting short your trip as being a subscriber for a long time, I know how much preparation you put into your trip. Good thing is, it will be there for you again in the future

  9. Bryan Dorr
    Bryan Dorr says:

    What a bummer that illness cut into your trip. Are you planning to return again in the upcoming fall? Great photos and video, as always (I liked the deer at the end). Zion National Park needs to invest in electric buses, though.


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