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My friend Luke and I decided to kick the winter blues with a trip to some national parks and some beautiful sights in Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

Unfortunately, my video footage was damaged, and 90% was unusable. Luckily Luke had tons of good stuff to use, and here it is!

Huge thank you to the brands that wanted to help us have an amazing time:

Appalachian Gear Co
Vilo Sunglasses
Ready Wise Adventure Meals
Gossamer Gear

My amazon shopping list:

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  1. Michele Kay
    Michele Kay says:

    What a cool mini adventure to fuel that wanderlust you must have been craving. Proves even short hikes, roadtrips or getaways enrich the soul! Gorgeous views, but those heights would do me in! Dare I ask what’s next?

  2. Aurora Nite
    Aurora Nite says:

    Add another death to Angels Landing total. —-Maine woman who died at Zion's National Park in Utah as 19-year-old Savannah McTague. Park officials say McTague fell to her death in Zion National Park on Wednesday. McTague worked as a Xanterra concession employee. November 2019.

  3. Sean Elkins
    Sean Elkins says:

    You did a lot in only seven days. I hiked up to the base of Angel’s Landing in 2016 but I kept on going all the way up to a backcountry campsite on the West Rim. I wish I had taken the time to go all the way up to the landing in my way back down.

  4. Krist Enstrom
    Krist Enstrom says:

    You remind me of me….30 years ago. High school social studies teacher here……ever consider talking with high school students? Especially those that have no concept of the wilderness….like mine on the south side of Chicago. I think you’d have a powerful message. Could also be a cool project on your next adventure….just a thought

  5. ajrob2888
    ajrob2888 says:

    Did that whole trip in 2012, including hiking Half Dome. Walter's Wiggles about killed me, I will forever hate switchbacks, and it literally took me 2 hours to hike the Angels Landing section (peak season and also I didn't trust all those kids acting like billy goats on the AL trail and on the chains). I've never been scared of heights or experienced vertigo, but at Angels Landing I was fighting vertigo the whole way. Straight and sheer drop offs at 1,500ft. Glad that I got to experience it at least once in my life. Would like to do it again. We shall see.

    I'm glad you took an outdoor holiday, Wish I could take more in my life.

    Keep a goin Julia! You're awesome, and I greatly enjoy your videos. Maybe we'll meet on the trail one day. 🙂

  6. charlie charlie
    charlie charlie says:

    Thanks for that.
    I went into the Grand Canyon at the same time off year for ten days. When I gott about 2000 feet below the rim it warmed up nicely and I cannot remember meeting anyone. Walk up permit as well.

  7. bob
    bob says:

    I hope you liked that Fremont Experience (after the sensory overload). The hiking must have been hard (no soft-soil cushioning), but extreme in beauty. The crystal clear weather and great altitude change were stunning, also.

  8. Rab1dllama
    Rab1dllama says:

    Well if you're looking for more adventure, I'm going to roam around Yellowstone for a week in September. I'll most likely be on my own, so I'll gladly welcome some grizzly bait…err, I mean company!

  9. Mike Robbins
    Mike Robbins says:

    I loved your video. We plan on visiting Zion NP and others in the area soon. We usually venture out in late Sept after the crowds thin a bit but before it gets cold and snowy. Many years ago when I was a young man, I did hike parts of the AT but never did a thru hike just out for 1 wk at a time. My hat is off to all of you that do the entire thing even if its done in stages over several years

  10. Trey Harpel
    Trey Harpel says:

    we did the Valley of fire, Zion, Bryce, Red rock canyon, Grand canyon, Petrified last March and it was awesome. Angels landing is insane, but incredible if youre not scared of heights! Such an incredible part of the country..

  11. Marvin Williford
    Marvin Williford says:

    You finally got out here to the Southwest, good for you and Luke! Mid winter is a good time to visit Bryce and Zion, not nearly so crowded, especially ZNP. Next time (hopefully) try to make it to the North Rim of GCNP, totally different experience and closer to LV than the South Rim. Mule deer are so cool, aren't they? So adaptable and comfortable being around humans. Yes, mountain lions occasionally scream like that and coyotes howl. That's how you know you're out west. Planning another through hike this year or next?

  12. Lawrence Constantine
    Lawrence Constantine says:

    You are doing this at the right time of year because of absolutly no real crowds keep it going, young Lady do it as long as you can because the real world will suck you in to pay the machine called 40-60 hours of drag and taxes. Looks like Mom and Dad did a great job just remember to Honor and Cherish them. Papa Tony.


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