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Our National Parks are getting more and more crowded. From the trail to the parking lot, more tourists are showing up to our natural places. Some folks are REALLY sour about this, but is it all that bad?

YELP reviews are sometimes a form of entertainment, and that is DEFINITELY the case when it comes to looking at poor reviews of National Parks.

From Yosemite, Zion, Arches, from Yellowstone, to The Grand Canyon, let’s turn some frowns up-side-down! 





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41 replies
  1. WorkForAvocados
    WorkForAvocados says:

    Some people just can’t appreciate the forest for the trees. How are you going to take stars off a review because a mountain is hard to climb in the dark haha. She also seemed to have wish she chose the tour bus instead.

  2. Amy Routt
    Amy Routt says:

    OH MY GOD. I just got to this video. This is pretty hilarious. I remember seeing an article or something about poor NP reviews, and they CRACK me up. I might end up stealing this idea at some point and read bad reviews for other National Parks. Maybe my favorite NP

  3. Backcountry Forward
    Backcountry Forward says:

    Jesse’s Review of TheBestBackpacker: ⭐️⭐️ this channel is amazing! Totally creative content, and a great host. But I have a few problems… when I put my phone directly in front of my eyes I notice I go cross-eyed and the image gets really blurry. And when I put it on my TV I find that Jason’s voice is a bit too loud when the surround sound system is cranked to max.
    All in all, if you’ve seen one YouTube video you’ve seen them all.
    But, highly recommend!


  4. Michael Baker
    Michael Baker says:

    not negative, unfortunately shows what today’s instant gratification has done for the generations, when my children were little even a trip to the grocery store was turned into an adventure, now I see kids sitting in carts with a movie on a cell stuck in their faces

  5. Wandering Aloud With Mark
    Wandering Aloud With Mark says:

    It is getting overcrowded here in our National parks as well. It is almost impossible to get a tent pad in our backcountry campsites on the weekend. Along with the maxed out trails and sites, comes people not caring what they leave behind. On a positive note the parks are incredible slices of nature

  6. Chip Kormas
    Chip Kormas says:

    Great topic, it shows that too many in our society have become locked into a works where tv, radio, movies, and other tools set their reality. When faced with the wonder of nature they can't step through the curtain that locks them in to see what lies before their eyes. Yes, some of the reviews were harsh but make for wonderful reading.

  7. Chuck Littleton
    Chuck Littleton says:

    Human Nature comes in three different forms/descriptions . There will always be complainers in any activity. I guess it's a good thing because without the BAD they could not be the GOOD , you listed the UGLY. I hold a Senior Pass and I don't necessarily care for crowded conditions when camping. Even the over visited Great Smokey Mountains National park has quiet areas if you know where to find them. I avoid that by going during the off seasons or to the areas which are the least visited. Another prime example is the Everglades National Park , the off season. I spent two weeks paddling and camping the canoe trails and only meet one other canoe with 2 guys and they were returning to the Ranger station. One canoe in a 2 week period. Something that never happens during the peak season.

  8. Miriam Midge Barno
    Miriam Midge Barno says:

    This is totally like Jimmy Kimmel's mean tweets for National Parks! I love it, maybe add some R.E.M. Everybody Hurts in the background? I love this video, it highlights how the parks have attracted everyone with different appreciation levels of the outdoors and in the era of Instagram perfection sharing false anticipation of what the parks have to offer. Crowds can definitely impact the enjoyment sometimes, but it is to be expected to share in the beauty of our land preservation. This is why I tend to enjoy the beauty of a state park, National Forest or BLM land offering. Less crowded and you often still get the outdoor experience we used to have pre-millenium.

  9. Stephen Weade
    Stephen Weade says:

    What???.. cold in the winter.. get outta here!! 😂 trying to be positive at least they tried??.i get the feeling some of these folks were looking for a casino!!.. always the good stuff Jason!!!

  10. Oscar Huynh
    Oscar Huynh says:

    The Bestbackpacker providing a wealth of info. I now know how to use Yelp in a different way: getting comedy out of that app. Thanks Jason! This was another vid that provided a lot of good laughs and sourced from negativity. Genius content!

  11. Lexa Phoenix
    Lexa Phoenix says:

    If I were any of these people, I would still give 5 stars but add a little bit like "At this time of year it's tourist season and gets crowded" or "remember to bring your ID" XD
    It takes zero effort to stop being that petty!

  12. Stephen Bauman
    Stephen Bauman says:

    You can find negative reviews for almost anything. I take them with a grain of salt. I like that more people are getting out and enjoying nature but it can get crowded. Most people are polite and respectful of nature but you will get some who just don't get it. It has me seek lesser used trails/ parks or adjust my expectations at more popular ones. Go explore! Find that trail that is a little farther out of the way. It's worth it. P.S it's cold in winter….

  13. Keisha
    Keisha says:

    Glacier National Park near me had 1.68 million visitors so far this year. Visitors often had to wait up to two hours to board shuttle buses and were often unable to find parking at popular destinations like Logan Pass and Avalanche Creek. Visitors also faced long lines for basic facilities like restrooms and information desks. There were more vehicle accidents along the Sun Road than any other year. They are planning on implementing a parking permit system at popular locations like Logan Pass, St. Mary, and the Virginia Falls Trailhead. Overnight parking along the Sun Road will be prohibited in 2020, and they will require permits to hike the Highline Trail during peak times, as well as other popular trails. They've required permits for overnight backcountry camping for years, but permits for day hikes is a radical new plan that shows just how over-crowded the Park is.

  14. TheAdventuresof Eli
    TheAdventuresof Eli says:

    Loved this lol… pretty good video, i get the overcrowding though, had some bad experiences myself on my last hike in Colorado. There are ways to control this, parks could put a limit on how many people enter the park per day… or certain hiking paths like a lotery permit . Still its more a annoyance but not worth ruining your trip over or giving bad reviews.. it is true the parks are way way underfunded though. Don’t get me started on leaving the parks open while the government was shutdown… talk about setting the parks back and damages.
    Anyways Thanks for the video!


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