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Hey everyone welcome back to another video! Today I am super excited because were taking a look at the newest B+ on the market today. This is the 2020 Coachmen Crosstrek 21xg. Its an amazing Class B Motorhome on the Ford Transit chassis. The reason why I love this floorplan other then the huge bathroom is the AWESOME Rear Door in the back I absolutely love that! This Little motorhome is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast people who like biking or kayaking or anything that they have thats worth value they can store it indoors why driving down the road.

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Here are some specs
Sleeps 3
Length 24 ft 1 in
Ext Width 7 ft 7 in
Ext Height 10 ft 6 in
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine V6 3.7L
Chassis Ford Transit T350
Horsepower 275 hp
Fuel Capacity 25 gals
Available Beds
Murphy Double
Torque 260 ft-lb
Cooktop Burners 2
Shower Size 24″ x 32″
LP Tank Capacity 68 lbs
Water Heater Capacity 6 gal
TV Info Interior/Exterior Smart TV

Thanks so much for watching

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36 replies
  1. bill Johannessen
    bill Johannessen says:

    Thanks for the reviews Matt & Andrea! I always appreciate the “Real-ness” of your reviews. Likes: 1- Size for B+, 2- The awning is fantastic & 3 – The amount of storage. Dislikes: 1- the kitchen layout, 2 – I don’t like corner beds (and this one seems really small) & 3 – amount of battery storage. For a rug with no generator, I would expect to have a better solar/battery system.

  2. Connie Fox
    Connie Fox says:

    I love it! Great storage, great floorplan, very nice stove top, love the bed and the back door with the screen. But I would never get it because it has no generator! What a disappointment! 🙁 You say it's good for being off grid, but it has no generator! I couldn't bookdock in this. I appreciate your comments of some details Andrea. 🙂

  3. AMY Z
    AMY Z says:

    I like its storage options, versatility, drivability& the price is great to get into RVing…but it looks kind of tacky both in colors and materials.

  4. Marla Stevens
    Marla Stevens says:

    Thanks for coming in on your day off. The beds are both too dinky. Ditto the plastic (yuk) toilet. And I'd want a full height fridge. A generator (I could add a portable one to handle the AC), more solar, and a 2K inverter would be something I'd want and a demand water heater iso the 6gal DSI. Do like that bikes can ride inside, love that a unit this size has a dry bath — especially of useable size (great shower height) and that the side walls won't delaminate. Wish the windows opened up so they could be used in the rain and that it had day/night shades that pull up. A micro-convection would help but I can bring a turbo oven device. Antenna/Satellite/WiFi connections are essentials.

  5. robert hoffman
    robert hoffman says:

    Regarding the fridge. You put your appliances there when parked. If they had raised the fridge, it would ruin the sightlines and closed in the cabin. If they moved the fridge, you would lose the other storage.

  6. Tedzilla
    Tedzilla says:

    wobbly battery compartment,TV mount doesn't have to be mounted (already there) Motorhome is too small to haul anything doesn't make sense. Should i keep going?
    What an idiot!

  7. JS1
    JS1 says:

    I live in California and there are a lot of RV dealers. I would travel to Florida to buy from them. I trust them and I feel they would not rip me off. So Matt I will be contacting you within the year. Thanks much.

  8. BADGUY 1
    BADGUY 1 says:

    It's almost identical with my 2018 Gemini TK. I think this design layout is OPTIMUM. It has everything a larger Class C or A has..but on a smaller frame. Easy to park in ANY normal parking spot. And the Ford front end has been great. The only REAL difference is that BACK DOOR! WOW! I WISH my Gemini had that! I really MISS not having a back door like I had in my previous Class B's. VERY USEFUL! My ONLY negative comment: I REALLY like the slide out I have on my Gemini. It makes the inside look more like a small cabin when camping. And no generator? Not sure if I like that. I'm HOPING the RV industry goes to a battery "generator" that one could run when boon docking. I'M AMAZED, though, you can run the Aircon for 3 hours on just battery power. Are you SURE? The solar on the roof is ALSO a plus. And 65K is a GREAT price. I paid that for my 2018 TK at the end of the year.

    I NEVER had a problem with the plastic toilet..but "to each his own". And no splash guard I also agree with you. And I agree with you on the Ford Chassis. In MY personal opinion…it's BETTER than the Mercedes. Ford has a special under carriage mounting that makes the vehicle have a VERY smooth ride…JUST like an SUV!

  9. Diana Shelton
    Diana Shelton says:

    A/C will run for a couple hours on Battery

    No Sink/Range Cover so no Counter space
    Bed width (but it had to come somewhere)
    Dinette upholstery looks low quality


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