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Observation Point (O.P.) is the highest hike at Zion – you go up 2148 feet. It’s an 8 hour hike – 4 miles up then back the same route and you pass Hidden Canyon (H.C.) which is just half hour off the initial first half hour or so of switch backs. H.C.’s ledge is at the end of this video after we summit O.P. While the switchback paths to O.P. are wider than the exposed H.C. ledge, you’re twice as high up and I found the hike to O.P. scarier than Angel’s Landing or H.C. Footage is a mix from an ipod touch 4th generation (that I delicately positioned a 4x wide angle lens over the camera that I picked up off of ebay for $13 that captured a much wider field of vision like a GoPro without requiring all the extra hard drive space that GoPro footage requires), an HD CMOS Canon camcorder, and a Panasonic Lumix camera.
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