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Alex Roy joins the AdventureDrive team with a trip on Day 3 from Park City to Zion National Park Utah

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  1. Sapan Parmar
    Sapan Parmar says:

    I can't thank Kelsey (the driver of the 360) enough for letting my brother and I have a ride in her Ferrari at Zion! It was an amazing experience and wish the Drive team all the best in the future!

  2. TheHypnotstCollector
    TheHypnotstCollector says:

    Zion isn't a large park, you can drive thru it less than an hour. But it's probably the most beautiful, mile for mile, of all the parks….I go to Utah every year (The Mormons are nice but you'd never know it from reading my posts). S.E. Utah is stunning, Zion and Bryce are south central. You'll never know the beauty of Utah until you get off the pavement. You can spends Weeks by yourself and never see a soul.

  3. Evan Sargent
    Evan Sargent says:

    You guys need to tell me when your passing by again. We do a local rally from st.george to Zion and Brian head. We have a white gallardo, GT-R, Austin Martin v8 vantage, 2015 Vw Gti, and the Camaro club join us.


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