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🧭 Video Description:
We decided to do something a bit different in Petrified Forest National Park as we explored it. Geocaching. The rangers at Petrified Forest National Park set coordinates to specific treasures that you can find as you explore and learn the history at Petrified Forest National Park.

You can download the Geocaching App (“Geocaching”) on either IOS or Android Smart devices. Based on your location, the app will provide you with pinpoints on a map of what geocaches you can search for close by. Within the app, when you click on the geocache, people will often leave comments and there is a clue given as to the location. What I liked about the app is that it uses GPS and adjusts your distance to and from the location of the cache as you walkabout in search of it.

We had a blast at the Petrified Forest National Park doing this. We visited in Late October 2019 and stayed a couple of days boondocking at the gift shop on the south exit of Petrified Forest National Park. To get to this location, you can either drive from the north end park entrance and through the park, or take the county road south from the old Route 66 charming town of Holbrook about 18 miles. If you need gas, you will have to get it in Holbrook.

The entrance to Petrified Forest National Park is very unassuming (as is the whole park). We found out there is so much more to the park than Petrified Wood. Just like Badlands National Park and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the Dakotas, there are actual badlands in Petrified Forest National Park. Who Knew?! We were so surprise when one of the caches lead us to one of the best views away from the rest of the visitors.

The inn was beautiful, but the iconic cache for me was the location of the old vintage vehicle at the intersection of route 66 and the park. Although the cache was lost, we had a fun time searching,

On the south side of the park, you will see the petrified wood, but DO NOT miss out on Blue Mesa. Blue Mesa is a vast overlook of the south side and some of the most stunning features of the park. Several trails lead out into northeast Arizona wilderness.

We ended up of the history museum on the south side of the park before calling it a day. We were fascinated by the history of the area, once being covered by lakes, glaciers, and deep forest!! So many fascinating dinosaur exhibits as well.

Petrified Forest National Park is very unassuming and could be overlooked if passing by. We found it to be quite the opposite once we ventured inside. Thanks for adventuring with us!

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36 replies
  1. Dog RV
    Dog RV says:

    What a beautiful place. We have done some geocaching but that looks like an awesome place to do it. Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to be on the lookout for the live chat.

  2. Living Light RV
    Living Light RV says:

    We did a tonne of geocaching when the girls were younger and I miss it… We really should get back into it again, especially now that we travel so much. Thanks for reminding me how fun it is. 👍

  3. Honey and Me
    Honey and Me says:

    Yay! You've discovered geocaching! My youngest son and I have been doing it for years and it can be addicting! We have a bag of treasures to leave behind in the larger caches as well as have purchased a couple of geotags to send on a journey when we head south again. It's a great way to get outside and find some adventure. The Petrified Forest was also a favourite stop for us a few years ago. Definitely a place I'd like to return. The Painted Desert was just spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure there!

  4. Jonnie's Journey
    Jonnie's Journey says:

    What an awesome family adventure. Man I was hoping they would have found the one in the truck. Hoping someone didn't take it. I need to check geocaching out. I am visiting every NP so I am sure I will travel those roads someday, hope I have as much fun as you all did. Thanks for sharing. thanks for being fun parents, this world needs more of this.

  5. No Ordinary Path
    No Ordinary Path says:

    Oh how fun!! We love Geocaching! Its perfect for Petrified Forest too. Its a great National Park but Geocaching takes it to the next level for exploring. And… Its free fun. Haha! Great video guys.

  6. Meant 2 Be RVing
    Meant 2 Be RVing says:

    Most State Parks and National Parks have great geocaches! We have been caching since 2008. Our kids did it with us and now we do it with our grandkids. You will enjoy this game for years to come. Loved watching your family search for the caches! You need to get a travel bug to place in a cache and follow along it’s journey. Thanks for the tour of the Petrified Forest you did an excellent job vocalizing it to us. It’s has been years since I’ve been there. Safe travels and may God bless and protect your family in your travels.

  7. Camper Life
    Camper Life says:

    Awesome video y’all. Sorry I missed the premiere. It has been crazy busy. Can’t wait to see this myself. Kids did great finding the items. Hated they did not find the one at the car.

  8. Learning as were Living
    Learning as were Living says:

    Another beautiful video. Love it. Were heading that way soon. I know its winter but we have the time so gonna check out this NP. Hopefully we will get to enjoy doing as much as you guys did. Love the idea of Geocaching there. Did u just use an app? Did you have any cell service issues doing it?


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