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28 replies
  1. Scott Walton
    Scott Walton says:

    Hi Ben, I enjoyed the video as always. I was interested to see your notebook with the Velvia 50 reciprocity table. I was able to pause the video and see most of your times. I thought it would be interesting to compare it to the table I’ve had for years. I carry a little laminated card with reciprocity values I found somewhere years ago (no idea where). They’re the same up to 20 seconds but after that, my values are much longer than yours. Again, I have no idea where my info came from but I wonder where you got yours? Maybe the emulsion has changed over the years and that accounts for the difference? Anyway, I haven’t exposed much film for the past 10 years so I’m just feeling my way back in now and my October trip to the Southwest went very well exposure wise but I didn’t have many, if any, exposures in that longer range so I can’t say whether I would have overexposed the Velvia due to my times being too long. Anyway, I’d gladly update my reciprocity table. Just thought I’d run that by you to see what you think. Thanks!

  2. Ewan Dunsmuir Images
    Ewan Dunsmuir Images says:

    Hey Ben. Love the pace of the vid mate. Love the story telling particularly with the splicing of the narration/ speech from one take to the next. Attention to detail mate. Respect for the large format camera too. Im a cheater and shoot with the easy Medium Format (Even easier) Digital platform. LOL Keep up the great work. Regards. Ewan (NZ)

  3. Will 93
    Will 93 says:

    Hey Ben, it's a bit underexposed, but my wife and I like this photo. The colors are soft and subtle… once in a while that's a nice thing when you're using to seeing a lot of bright flashy colors in fall foliage photos. In any case, subtler images serves to ground the viewer (and maybe more importantly, other photographers), not every photo needs to hit the viewer over the head with color or "epic" light. I find that sometimes dialing it back can product a calming effect in my own photos.

  4. B. Gray
    B. Gray says:

    Nice video. 👍😎
    Potential next investment, one of those goose neck lighters. For those "wrestling with wind, when all you want is coffee" moments. 😉😉 Kind regards Brendan.

  5. Max Lohrberg
    Max Lohrberg says:

    Well, sometimes there are days when you just don't find anything good to photograph. But there have been a few scenes in the video that looked interesting, 6:48 and 10:53 for example. Maybe they're worth taking a look at next time.

  6. MetalDog MetalDog
    MetalDog MetalDog says:

    I actually like the photo. Maybe half a stop brighter (I'm looking at it on a phone so can't say sure), but the colour is good. Reminds me of Elliot Porter. Imperfection is not unwanted always. Picasso and others always stated that something changes coarse or even ugly adds an element of reality, something tangible that all can ground themselves in when viewing the work. Perfection can often make a work stale rapidly.

  7. Danny Fyffe
    Danny Fyffe says:

    I still thought the photo was good. I lived the slow motion of you planning the leaves. They looked really good too. You fooled me with the swirling leaves in the pool. I thought that was going to be your shot so you got me. Looking forward to more.

  8. Jeff Fenske
    Jeff Fenske says:

    "Sometimes the mere act of taking a photo, even a bad one, is just as important as taking a good one. It provided me with a sense of accomplishment, and got me excited about things to come." – Ben Horne @ 13:10

  9. KJLanguedoc
    KJLanguedoc says:

    I really like the new video approach. You've always been a terrific story teller, and the short elements of narration-free video add some interesting depth to your experiences …

  10. Brad Armstrong
    Brad Armstrong says:

    Ben, Nobody does this better then you! Your video's are with out a doubt wonderful to watch! The narration, audio quality and editing is top notch with a production value that is just right. I also enjoy seeing the pay off of your hard work at the end. In this video you said the image fell short but I have to differ I thought it was beautiful detail shot. I'm very late considering how long I've been watching your video's but I'm finally going to help you keep gas in the car and film stocked in the freezer. Your a true ambassador for large format landscape photography. Have a great Christmas Holiday!


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