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This is my fourth year in a row visiting Zion National Park, but my first year visiting during the fall. This is my first episode of my 2019 Zion Series. I hope you enjoy.

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26 replies
  1. KreygScott
    KreygScott says:

    Another great Video Diego. You totally nailed it. Keep shooting and sharing your stories man they're truly an inspiration to myself and others looking to learn more and make better images. All the best for the New Year when it comes and beyond 2020.

  2. Russ Weymouth
    Russ Weymouth says:

    As you walked into the clearing for that epic photo, I saw the composition in my mind of the trees in the distance bathed in the yellow autumn colours, just before viewing the photo you took in the video 👍

  3. John H Pettigrew
    John H Pettigrew says:

    Fantastic video Diego, the image at 9.22 is stunning you certainly nailed it, thanks for the recommendation very much appreciated my friend. What model is your new Benro, I have been looking at them my Manfrotto 055 is just to heavy. Thanks again and have an awesome new year.

  4. Philip Culbertson
    Philip Culbertson says:

    The shots of the backlit trees was really nice Diego. I think they were cottonwoods? Loved the layering in the second shot. I've been watching Ben Horne's, Alan Brocks and Scott Walton's fall Zion videos. I really enjoy them all but they didn't have to fight off a killer bee in their videos. .

  5. Scott Walton
    Scott Walton says:

    Really nice start Diego! It’s amazing how much green there still was in the main canyon. Looking forward to seeing what else you discovered and how you did on the east side.

  6. Ben Horne
    Ben Horne says:

    I'm very excited for the Zion series, and to see all what you find. Those Cottonwoods made for some great subjects. My favorite was the second to the last photo with those trees beautifully backlit. It's great to see the sights and sounds of the park after I completed my fall trip, and to complete the circle, I'll be back there again in the somewhat near future for a winter visit.


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