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Because one day of slogging through canyons full of snow-melt wasn’t enough (see my hiking the Zion Narrows video), I decided to do another hike to The Subway in Zion National Park in January. The hike in and out aren’t much to speak of: lots of route finding, stream crossing, snow-plowing, and the final ascent back to the parking lot is a killer. But The Subway is spectacular and well worth the trip. Imagine cascades of white water over deep-red rock, bizarre waterscapes, and amazing colors and you’ll start to get the picture.

This video contains some of the highlights from my trip to The Subway, as well as my best shots from the day. Unfortunately, due to operator error, a number of clips I thought I recorded didn’t get recorded, so the video doesn’t contain everything I intended to show and say. I also apologize for my excessive use of the word “bummer.” Oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway!


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  1. Josh Cripps
    Josh Cripps says:

    @ACphotography18: Normally I carry my gear in my camera backpack, and just use my tripod like a walking stick. If it's raining though, I sometimes wrap my camera in a towel and put it in my waterproof camelbak backpack.

  2. Josh Cripps
    Josh Cripps says:

    @scjcram02 : Hi there. I did not use a polarizer for any of these shots. In fact, I rarely use a polarizer because it interferes with my wide-angle lens. When I'm all the way zoomed-out, you can clearly see the rim of the polarizer in the frame. 🙁 Of course, I could get a thin-mount polarizer to solve this problem, but I would still be left with one big problem: I generally shoot sunsets and since a polarizer works best 90° from the sun, you get unequal effects in the sky when shooting wide

  3. Josh Cripps
    Josh Cripps says:

    @dalbyadventure Thank you! I screwed up a lot of stuff while filming so there was even more video that didn't make it into this final movie, unfortunately. Thanks for the nice comment on my photography. It is indeed a place that is highly photographed and creating an original image can be a challenge. Glad to know I succeeded! And I loved having the place to myself!


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