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(KUTV) In southern Utah dozens of businesses are suffering and vacations have been ruined due to the closure of the state’s national parks. On Saturday about 30 people climbed the fence at Zion National Park to protest the park’s closure and enjoy some hiking. The group has dubbed themselves Occupy Zion, but entering the national park when it’s closed is an act of civil disobedience. [The rangers] basically said the park is closed, you’ll need to come back. We said, we know it’s closed, but we’re coming in anyway. said local hiker Nick Smith. Smith, who is the owner a local business that specializes in hiking and climbing around Zion said the city of Springdale has turned into a ghost town since the shutdown began last Tuesday.Protestors stayed in the park for a couple of hours, walking on trails and picking up trash.(Copyright 2013 Sinclair Broadcasting Group)
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