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Rode my Harley Fatboy Lo from the bottom to top of Zion National Park in Utah then camped out at the top for night. That’s one amazing place.
Part of my 23 day 6400 mile ride from NYC to Santa Monica, CA and back.
Video shot in HD using a GoPro Hero 2 setup.
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  1. theguywithatransam
    theguywithatransam says:

    i wondered why xion valley sounded familiar….its an add on for fallout new vegas….nice bike..ive been thinking of getting one to replace my supermoto..well safe riding an watch out for deathclaws and yao guais…..and avoid the casador at all times 😀

  2. DOB008
    DOB008 says:

    @flojo473 this was on my way back on a cross country trip last July, did NYC down the Blue ridge mountians to smokey mnt crossed into Tenn. and took 40 west till i found 66 and followed rt 66 all the way to the end at santa monica pier hitting things like grand canyon on the way then hit Vegas for few days longer than planned haha and UT north till rt70 east all the way back to NYC…. ride of a lifetime, 27 days just over 6000 miles and 1 tattoo from Vience Beach

  3. DOB008
    DOB008 says:

    @Susan Eastwood its a great bike, can strip it down for ripping around town or pack it up for long rides, and passanger too… i did NY to LA and back on it last July, this video was part of it in UT

  4. Dob Relish
    Dob Relish says:

    @Tiopet Nord thanks… gopro hd cameras are great for this kinda thing.. the road wasnt red that was just from the run off of the red rock canyon and everything around was differnt shades of red… Zion name means primised land and man thats a great discripton of that place!!! watched the sun set from the top campsite, the canyons looked on fire from the sunset light, if ever near south Utah make a point to hit Zion and Bryce canyon national parks!!!


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