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Take control of your RV batteries!

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For our first six months or so, when we boondocked, we played the guessing game with our battery levels.
Are we fully charged? What percentage are we at? How much time is left? Will our furnace be able to run all night?
These are things you just don’t have to think about in a house. But, the struggle is real in an RV!

🅱 Full Blog Post: https://changinglanesrv.com/rv-battery-monitoring

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➡️ Inverter Gear (BLOG): https://changinglanesrv.com/inverter-gear/
➡️ Battle Born 100Ah Lithium Ion Battery: https://amzn.to/2ZTGU3l
➡️ 4 X TROJAN BATTERY T-105 PLUS 6V: https://amzn.to/39W6N67

🎥 All About RVs – RV Batteries What You Need To Know: https://youtu.be/ZJD19RogRtg
🎥 RV Hydraulic System 80A Breaker Upgrade: https://changinglanesrv.com/rv-hydraulic-system-breaker-replacement-upgrade/
🎥 Inverter Project: https://youtu.be/1rPKWrXQYWA

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34 replies
  1. Steven Jefferys
    Steven Jefferys says:

    Daisy the killer watch dog! lol… For the wet type batteries, I think that the best way to explain to someone why they are still rated as they are is that they can give that AmpHour, but go beyond 50% and you're doing damage to the battery. So they'll do it, but only once. Great video. As always, well presented and explained. Thanks for helping us out so much. Much appreciated.

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    Are 3 battleborns making it all night?…..
    Is your system set up to auto start the generator at low voltage?
    If so are you using the incommand or another method?

    Thanks…..great video….again…

  3. Love To Wander RV
    Love To Wander RV says:

    Chad, I had recently bought a Vectron 712 and frankly, it was giving me fits understanding the proper install. I have a couple of Golf Cart batteries wired in series and for some reason, the monitor and my rig wiring were just not cooperating. Your explanation and presentation of your install finally straighten me out. I got the entire thing sorted out and running and monitoring properly. Thanks for the clear, lightly technical, which I needed video look at your install.

  4. dale Smith
    dale Smith says:

    I know victron is known as a quality manufacturer. Have you tried other after market battery monitors? The victron is a bit pricey. There are other options. But most rv reviews just keep reviewing the victron……

  5. BK
    BK says:

    What are the inside dimensions of the battery box you are using? I know the size from another of your videos, but the size of the bottom, inside of the box will be the determining factor as too what batteries can fit. I was fooled by another box that I thought would fit. Perhaps you could just tell me what the foot print of your four batteries is. Thanks

  6. Manny Hd
    Manny Hd says:

    Good morning sir I hate to disturb you with this question but I noticed that you have a toy hauler and then watching your videos thumbs up to both of use the question I asked for you is we are seasonal campers and we’re thinking about selling our seasonal and buying a toy hauler for the reason of us just bought a new Harley Davidson Street glide wanted to know how difficult it is to put the bike in the toy hauler into remove it thank you

  7. Scott L
    Scott L says:

    No one who has done these videos has covered the charging through the truck/alternator(s). Is there a way to run something from the truck to boost the charging if it's not enough while it's hooked up and running? Does the truck being hooked up charge very much?

  8. Brendan Walsh
    Brendan Walsh says:

    It looks like you have 2 shut off switches; one for the batteries and one for the inverter. Why do you use 2? Thanks. We're trying to get our head wrapped around this, also! Brendan & Lena
    Frozen Sneakers, Pa.

  9. Bryan Melamed
    Bryan Melamed says:

    Chad – I am curious why you are not charging the house batteries from your tow vehicle while driving? This is a very common, I am surprised that is not part of your setup. Great information – so well covered.


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