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Here, Kathy Kloewer holds onto Shelli Johnson’s ankles so she can get out there over the edge and capture the exposed nature of the heights and steepness of the popular Angel’s Landing Trail in Zion National Park, in southern Utah.
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  1. fastattack686
    fastattack686 says:

    ok.. not the only one. I hiked this twice.. and know she was holding the cam out (like I do)…………but it still made that funny "scrunchy noise" as everything tried to retreat into safety down there. oy

  2. John O.
    John O. says:

    Great video of one of several narrow and sheer drops along this amazing hike. Did it last year with my two teen boys…wasn't certain I would return with both, ha. A Ranger told us that there have been 5 deaths in the last 6 years on this trail (but most in rain or windy conditions). I didn't want to go to the top, but my kids were ahead of me and I was trying to keep them in sight. Best pics came from the last 1/3 of this hike. Scary enough if you do 75%, scarier if you attempt the last bit.

  3. HikerToo
    HikerToo says:

    I was there last year, am an experienced hiker….but must have a fear of certain heights, I did not finish. Technically capable, but shear cliffs freaked me out. sorry


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