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3-20-18: I planned a trip to Zion a month in advanced. I could have sworn that all the campsites were first come first serve (maybe that was Valley of Fire National Park). A week before my trip I double checked the camp ground reservations and there were “0” available. This would not deter Grace and I from visiting Zion. I got the Forester ready to overland camp.

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  1. Daniel Lin
    Daniel Lin says:

    Love the video! One question, were you using off-road tires?

    I just picked up a Forester myself (2019 Sport trim). My concern is because this trim comes stock with 18” rims, I’m afraid the stock tires will be too thin for the type of off-roading you did. I will have a rooftop tent on my suv adding about 150lbs not including other camping gear, so was just wondering.

    Recently had a stock 2018 Crosstrek that I took on some moderate off-roading routes. Unfortunately, the Crosstrek is no longer with me as I got hit from the side and flipped over when someone exited their driveway. I escaped with cuts and bruises, so I definitely trust Subaru with my life. But I had no worries because the tires were pretty thick for the 17” rims. Just wanted to get your input on how your tires are. I just subscribed to your channel tho, and I’ll be spending a few bathroom breaks catching up on all your content hahah

  2. yerson cancelado
    yerson cancelado says:

    I just subscribed to your channel Yesterday and I must say, I love your videos, so informational and me being the owner of '18 XT I'm also looking forward to do some car camping and light off roading. I may have to move to the west coast. The east coast can be a pain the ass to do any type of offroading. too many restrictions

  3. FlyboyTR
    FlyboyTR says:

    Nice video. Our 2011 Outback was totaled three weeks ago. I just took delivery of a 2016 Outback. Now to reinstall the lift kit and triple skid plates. My wife and I are always dragging the Subie through lots of trails and back roads. We live in lower Alabama. We are planning on being is Utah the end of September, 2018. Trying to find roads that are mildly challenging and yet will not be too rough for our little Bunkhouse Camper we pull (weighs 350 lbs, empty)… I would like to know more about the areas y'all visited. Thanks!


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