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Skip Bayless “evaluated” As the main factor, the Pelicans are trying to protect Zion | Undisputed

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  1. nim shetty
    nim shetty says:

    Just imagine If Kobe Bryant had donated 100 bottles of sperm to 100 different women ? Of course they would have to pass certain tests. College degree, Good genes ,sign a waiver and not some 300 pound fat ass. All over the world. And even if 1 of those kids became a Kobe ,the world would benefit and the other kids would live a life they choose ,its better than having a dad that sells insurance ?? Think about it. All that talent and genes and IQ ? Its about giving . Imagine 100 Junior Jordans, Shaqs, Bill gates , Jobs, King Jr. Brad Pitts and Ronaldo, Maradonna . You have to be a future thinker .Its crazy to have great genes and leave it with 1 or 2 women and 5 kids.Think its still not illegal .

  2. Ohlo Dolo
    Ohlo Dolo says:

    For the next 10 years Zion is going to be a serious problem for this league if he gets himself in top shelf condition, on the other hand if not he'll stay injured through out his career an he'll never reach him full potential


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