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This time around, #TheLuckyBus heads over to Bombay Beach and Slab City to experience the lawless, artistic culture in desert wasteland. We visit our friends @no_fuss_bus and have share some truly unique experiences. Stay to the end for TWO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! Comment “LuckyBus10K” if you read this far!

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SKOOLIEPALOOZA 2020 // What does bus life mean?


@regretlyss – https://www.instagram.com/regretlyss/
@minigoesbig – https://www.instagram.com/minigoesbig/


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26 replies
  1. Andy Kapplin
    Andy Kapplin says:

    At 12:14…..Lookin’ sexy girl. Love the look. U r just beautiful. Just one question. Y don’t u ever wear shorts?! (At least I’ve never seen u in any) Does nofussbus have a YouTube page?

  2. Richard Nusser
    Richard Nusser says:

    This place back in the 50’s and 60’s was like a beautiful resort area. There was like 3 major marinas and restaurants. Most weekends you couldn’t find a place to camp. I grew up in the area and spent a lot of time camping and fishing there. It’s really a shame to see the condition of it today.

  3. troy black
    troy black says:

    Great job, that is one of the weirdest places I have ever seen, does anybody live there/ somebody did a lot of work, to make a bunch of junk (art) look good, congratulations on your 10K.Dan I thought you where gonna get the french roor, ( I'm still waiting to hear) in the beginning, about she,s a big en,Love the shirt Alis.kinda fitt right in with the real living dead (Grateful Dead)keep the videos coming love them!I'm still freaking out about that place, that was crazy!who maintains all that stuff?or do they?

  4. Desert Rat
    Desert Rat says:

    Love your videos. i'm already a subscriber. Hope you reach your goal. Back in the late '60's and very early '70's my friends and I spent a lot of time camping and partying at Bombay Beach. It's hard to believe it was once a thriving little resort community It was nice to see your and your friends with your energy and enthusiasm inject some life back in the area. Continued safe travels.

  5. Chef Santa's CulinaryTravels
    Chef Santa's CulinaryTravels says:

    Definitely gonna hit both those places when I go out west 👍 got my bus Title today as a motor home and got a license plate so I'm all legal, woooooo. whoooooo. Going to Kentucky the end of April for a month to finish the install of the water tank ETC then down to FLA2-3 months then in October taking a slow ride out to Arizona gonna stop in Louisiana to see a friend of mine for couple 3 weeks then van build party central out in Arizona till February I wanna be back in Louisiana for Mardi Gras next year hope to bump into you guys on the road out there in the West stay safe stay strong stay healthy god bless and enjoy life✌❤👨‍🍳🥩🚌'S

  6. Odins Lock
    Odins Lock says:

    Farming and pesticides being used leached into the lake causing it to be unfit for fish was what I always heard. But it’s mostly desert out there so idk what they were farming 🤔


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