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The South Point Las Vegas hotel and room walkthrough might just surprise you, the small casino located on the very south end of Las Vegas boulevard and the strip started off with a different name but it’s worth a trip if you’re here looking to save money and maximize your Las Vegas value.

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40 replies
  1. Harold OBrien
    Harold OBrien says:

    Flew into Vegas September 2019. Had 3 nights booked at the Rio, left after 1, place is a dump. Moved to M, stayed 2 nights, very nice except no poker room. Went to Flagstaff, stopped at dam, went to Grand Canyon. Returned to Vegas. Stayed at South Point for 3 nights. Great spot. Your video didn’t do it justice. Great poker room. Large pool outdoors. Lots for kids. Movie theatre, bowling alley. Very spacious inside. Lots of room in lobby like you show. Very spacious casino floor. Couple of nice restaurants. Highly recommended.

  2. Valentin Pineda
    Valentin Pineda says:

    Stayed there multiple times, with and without kids. It's a great hotel, beautifully furnished with excellent amenities and customer service. Plenty to do with kids, movie theater, bowling, arcade. Also has great food for all ages, steak and shake (kids loved it), steakhouse and seafood place were my fave.

  3. John Do
    John Do says:

    Fantastic looking hotel. Unfortunately too far from the strip and not much action with poker unless There's the MUG going on. The one thing that pisses me off that lots of Vegas hotels not allowing you to use their fridge. I stayed The Mirage and they wanted $35 a day if I wanted to rent one.

  4. Jeff Stoneberger
    Jeff Stoneberger says:

    Before we moved to Las Vegas from Arizona, my wife and I use to stay at South Point three or four times a year. We absolutely love that place. They have a great buffet and Mexican Restaurant.

  5. Kevin Minassian
    Kevin Minassian says:

    South Point looks interesting.Always a great history lesson included. I would like to know the room rates and any discounts accepted on the rooms you review and maybe a glance at the room service menus and in room amenities and services offered. Sometimes we just like to stay in the room all day, if you know what I mean!!!

  6. vistalite 1972
    vistalite 1972 says:

    I stayed at South Pointe back in 2013 and my experience was horrible. A 3 night stay and maybe 5 hours of total sleep, not from gambling or partying just a very uncomfortable bed. I stayed on the 23rd floor mountain side as they call it. I was in town for a convention and was grumpy and lethargic. I don't gamble, didn't try the buffet, but the other amenities were good.

  7. Greg Cooper
    Greg Cooper says:

    This is the place i prefer to stay. Its got everything you could ask for and the staff are very professional and helpful. Been here several times for bowling events. They have 2 centers here. One for every day use and one for tournament use. Its awesome

  8. Eric Tremblay
    Eric Tremblay says:

    Hey, I was at this South Point complex by luck just 4 weeks ago. (I was driving the strip way south-bound).
    I was also taken by how big and neat this place was – despite being in the middle of nowhere.
    Cheers from snowy Montreal !!

  9. Iam Sam
    Iam Sam says:

    I've been there. Meh. Locals only pretty much. They make announcements over they PA… OFTEN! Not a true LV experience… more like LV on the cheap. Looks "nice" from the outside, and the casino is reasonably clean.

  10. Bob Barker
    Bob Barker says:

    Stayed there a couple times, got upgraded to a suite for… wait for it… free. Nice place to stay along with the M resort. Screw the strip and their high priced rooms, resort fees, parking fees, fees fees fees and limited drinks. Corporate America ruined Vegas.

  11. Jeff Marnell
    Jeff Marnell says:

    Have stayed there in the past, but they raised the hotel room prices so much that we stopped. Loved the ability of having the theater and bowling alley all in one. Wish they would lower their rates again.

  12. Ulises Anguiano
    Ulises Anguiano says:

    South Point has been my go-to Hotel&Casino for not only Gambling, but vacationing year round for the past 15 years! My family would stay at the South Point when I was just a kid and now whenever I am personally in Vegas with friends or my honey, I choose the South Point over any Hotel&Casino in Vegas. The tables have a low minimum and the slots are due to pay-out more often than you think, very family friendly hotel & honestly it is NOT that far from the Strip as some people like to claim!

  13. D C
    D C says:

    I used to stay at the SouthPoint a lot, I have probably stayed there 5-6 different Vegas trips. Nice casino off the strip, they used to have great rooms rates an give out good coupon books. I'm not sure lately since they started doing the resort fee's I stopped staying there. I figure I might as well be on the strip if I'm paying resort fee's, but the SouthPoint is a good casino to stay at, the average room is bigger than most other hotels an always clean, one of my favorites overall.

  14. Henry Xavier
    Henry Xavier says:

    Great video with good information,footage, and music mix really nice too see I always pass it by heading to Boulder from L.V. Will check it out next time I’m in town. Thx…👍

  15. Hades
    Hades says:

    I will be here in just over a week for a international Archery tournament. The tournament is Feb. 7-9. On the 9th it is the main championship shoot. They have the pros that will be in the Olympics.
    I shoot flights, but still fun.

  16. Mark Slater
    Mark Slater says:

    Boom! Right in your face! Nice job Sir! I know is little more expensive,but I really really want to see you doing restraunt reviews and other tours. I saw a vlog from a fellow vlogger interviewing the daughter of owner of Ellis Island. He did a great job. Would love to see what you do with it. What about the Mob Museum or whiskey Licker up and Down? I bet you can dig up some great history to share with us.

  17. Larry Benton
    Larry Benton says:

    American Air put me here after a cancelled flight. Loved it so much I returned twice this year, and I always stay Palazzo and Bellagio. South Point is HUGE. There is even a full sized movie theater, and bowling alley onsite. So many great food options, both super affordable and very high end. Best deal though, is the $4.99 steak/eggs dinner every single night beginning at 12am. Its great! Oh and another thing, the slots here pay out so much better than the strip properties and the sports books is one of the best in town. .


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