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The top down route from Wildcat Canyon to the Left Fork Trail head is a high quality 10 mile route into some of the most picturesque terrain imaginable. In this video, an attempt is made to complete the route before darkness running alone with minimal gear.

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  1. 10pound
    10pound says:

    Dude….you are my favorite adventurer! I don't want to go telling you how to live your life but post that backlog of videos I know you have for us! So much love for you, friend! Don't ever slow down.

  2. Alan Johnson
    Alan Johnson says:

    Nice, informative, and inspiring video as usual Kerry. BTW, what pack are you wearing here if I may ask? It looks large enough to carry a bit of clothing and gear yet not so large and bulky that it's flopping around all over your back and the shoulder straps appear to be well padded and comfortable? I'm in the market for a pack but don't want a racing vest nor a huge multi day backpack. Also if you have any other recommendations I'm open. Thanks Sir.

  3. Radishoo
    Radishoo says:

    I've said it before, you share the best adventures with us!
    I watch with envy every time as I'll probably never get to run in these beautiful places, but also with thanks that you take us and that your films are so connected with the environment, no added soundtrack just running footsteps and nature (and you giggling with glee skipping over rocks through a canyon). You explain things so well and it's really great to see somebody use their experience to work out the most efficient routes and methods. I live on the south coast of England and have some stunning places to run but we don't have canyons, deserts, Everest base camp or the playa! I can see how special they are and your videos let me travel through them so thank you.
    Tomorrow morning I'm running with a lady here in the UK called Anna Mcnuff aka barefoot runner. Since June, she's been running the distance of 100 marathons, barefoot, through Britain from top to bottom to encourage women to reach for the impossible. Tomorrow is leg 82 and I'll join her for the first 9 or 10 miles as part of the training for my first marathon at the end of December, inspired by people like you who share their passions on here. Also, after 5 years of applying I finally got lucky in the London marathon ballot, 2020 will be my 40th year and the 40th edition of the London marathon and I'm in, crazy times and it's all your fault!! 👍 😂😂


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