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Hiking the Subway from the bottom up in Zion National Park.

We hiked from the Left Fork Trailhead down to the Left Fork North Creek, and up the creek to the lower Subway, and up the subway to the “waterfall room.” About 7 miles round trip.
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  1. Party Animal
    Party Animal says:

    Great video. Zion National park is amazing. Last year, we went to the narrows but ran out of time to go to the subway. Thanks for the video. I made it there during my lunch hour.

  2. nemesis256
    nemesis256 says:

    The section where you were swimming in the water, is that past the "classic" subway section? I was under the impression that there wasn't anything ever deeper than waist deep to get to the subway itself.

  3. MK Outdoor Adventures
    MK Outdoor Adventures says:

    The link you provided to the "Subway Permits" down below in your reply to other comments brought us to a page that is highly confusing – government at its best. My wife and I want to do the "Subway Hike (Bottom up) in mid May. The permit page states that the reservation system is closed from November until March due to low permit demand. It likewise states that a permit request must be submitted three months prior to your planned trip. A May permit request from three months prior would need to be submitted in February, yet the system is closed from November until March – government at its best. Any thoughts? Is the Subway Hike (Bottom up) accessible in mid May weather wise? Many Thanks!

  4. Kira Kjear
    Kira Kjear says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! We go next week and are looking to photograph the falls. I was under the impression that you needed a rope and harness for this, but I guess not 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Andy Goktas
    Andy Goktas says:

    Just curious, but what shoes do you guys recommend for hiking that type of wet terrain? We have never tried what train in the past and want to be sure we purchased the proper equipment or shoes.

  6. Ana Mendez
    Ana Mendez says:

    Beautiful,I was at Zion last weekend but couldn't do to much,it was raining and the park was closed for one day just did the narrows it was really nice but since it was raining the water wasn't clear and couldn't go all the way, but your video is amazing. God bless

  7. Zubir Adal
    Zubir Adal says:

    Hi, I am thinking of doing the Subway bottom up in June. I was wondering what kind of footwear is suitable? The normal Merrell hiking boots would not work right? As I would need to waddle in the pool . So I just wear normal trainers? I buy Neoprene socks to keep foot warm? Is it possible to just get feet wet and not the body? Thanks 🙂

  8. S. davis
    S. davis says:

    Yes you do need a permit. I just want to say, the three of you did a great job documenting this hike. I have tried twice to get “Bottom Up – Subway Permits” and they were all taken. I even got in on a lottery for one, but to no avail. I would go hiking with you anytime, anywhere! I like the way you noted that it was “good times”. We need to be appreciative of the limited time we have and embrace our good health and good friends! Way to go!!!

  9. Juanpablo Contreras
    Juanpablo Contreras says:

    hey! great video! i have a few questions. 1) how long did it take you to get to the start of the subway?
    2) what was the temperature that day? July, right? 3) is the waterfall as far as you can go without ropes? thank you 🙂


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