Zion National Park Accommodations, Hotels, Vacation Rentals & Lodging

While there are no “bad” places to hike within Zion National Park, the easiest hike with the best views is the Canyon Overlook Trail. Located just outside the east entrance of the Mount Carmel Tunnel on Highway 9, this short one mile roundtrip hike has great views along the trail, and amazing ones from the overlook.

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Zion National Park Accommodations, Hotels, Vacation Rentals & Lodging

This is the Adventures of just an Ordinary Australian (Me) and one of my Best Mates (Lessandro) Travelling around America in a little Toyota Corolla with $400 in our pockets and trying to go as far as we can and find as many things we can do in 2 weeks.

We slept in the car, went white water rafting, found a cave, lost in Vegas, hiked the narrows Utah, jet skied in Pensacola, went to the biggest lake party, 4th of July in Miami, got drunk in Nashville, went under Niagara Falls, shot a gun, caught in a huge storm, bought fireworks, pulled over by the cops.

We Travelled 10,000 Miles, visited 25 states of America, spent $400, all in 12 days.

In This Video We walked the Narrows at Zion National Park, UT.



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Book Today & Save on Zion National Park Vacation Rentals


Zion National Park Accommodations, Hotels, Vacation Rentals & Lodging

Hello Everyone and welcome to Scuba Travel and Adventure with Thomas on the journey from Calgary to Utah. I and two friends of mine went for 9 days on our Motorcycles to Utah National Parks in June of 2019, we covered most of them. Wish we had another 4-5 days but time was running short. For most Part our accommodation was back country tent Camping but we did stay in some campgrounds and 2 times in the motel. It was one of my best adventures on the motorcycle. I do recommend Utah state for every adventure rider. One of the best highlights of this trip is Moki Dugway Hwy, considered one of the most dangerous roads in USA, we could not believe how thrilling and beautiful ride it is
Day One we traveled from Calgary to south Montana but one of the BMW RT1200 broke down, fuel pump controller burned out, that put us behind few ours. We managed to bypass the wiring and ordered the part to be picked up in Salt Lake City, UT it was over night order from California. We changed the controller and spend the night at the campground in Salt Lake City. The rest of the trip went without any issues. Be Aware that You will not find much liquor in Utah so if you like to have a alcohol for the campsite in the evening stock up in bigger cities, beer and Wine is much easier accessible, but still not everywhere not at every gas station.
We have Visited most of the National Parks in Utah they are breathtaking wow moment almost around every corner of that state.

Our Road adventure was as follows:

1. Price Canyon
2. Canyonlands National Park
3. Arches National Park
4. Moab
5. Valley of the Gods
6. Mexican Hut
7. Moki Dugway Hwy
8. Monument Valley National Park
9. Goose Neck Canyon National Park
10. Grand Staircase Escalante National Park
11. Natural Bridges National Park
12. North Lake Powell
13. Capitol Reef National Monument
14. Bryce Canyon National Park
15. Zion National Park

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