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Frequently I am asked as to my favorite National Park. It’s an impossible question to answer because the National Parks are all so unique and spectacular. They are in a sense incomparable. But if you ask me which ones I have “enjoyed” the most – these would be my top 15 National Parks. Please share your favorite National Parks below in the comment section!



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20 replies
  1. Americas Parks
    Americas Parks says:

    PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned in this video, the list was solely generated based upon "my enjoyment" of the individual National Parks – not using beauty or popularity as a standard. Because of the vast diversity and incredible beauty they all share, the Parks are incomparable. This is just my personal subjective assessment based upon my individual experiences. And with that, we can all respect the opinions of others that might differ from ours to celebrate our favorite National Parks!

  2. James Milby
    James Milby says:

    Thankyou so much again for sharing your personal family adventures. It was especially your Sequoia and Yosemite National Park adventures that inspired myself and a friend to travel from Scotland in 2018 to follow your footsteps and guidance. I will return with my wife in 2021 thanks to you. Regards from Jamie in Scotland.

  3. al richardson
    al richardson says:

    Hello America's Park's! As always I enjoyed the video. You and I have both visited Arches National Park 4 times and it's truly a special place. I fact, I have been to all of the big 5 national parks and have hiked all of them. Delicate Arch, Navajo Loop at Bryce and the amazing Angels Landing are my favorites to hike. I also have taken the boat ride up Lake Powell to Rainbow Bridge National Monument. I'm from RI so I really love Acadia National Park as my son and I have been going every year. The Schoodic Point section of Acadia National Park is absolutely spectacular, and so peaceful! Great Video Randy!

  4. Spontaneous Wanderer
    Spontaneous Wanderer says:

    I'm watching this as I update my college graduation, summer 2020 road trip plan. I've begun outfitting a Jeep Wrangler, and the plan is to get off-road into the backcountry as much as possible. My orginal plan was two take ~72 days to hit basically all of those west coast parks you mentioned plus a couple others, but I'm having second thoughts about being alone on the road for 2+ months. My friends are starting work quicker, etc. so I'm struggling to find people to travel with, and I'm strongly considering reducing my trip to ~40 days. My question is how have you been able to get to all of these parks over the years? I'm concerned if I cut anything out of my trip then it will be difficult to get back to these places. I'm assuming that you typically fly in and camp out of a rental car? Any words of wisdom on this dillema? I will add that I've worked all the way through college, and I've managed to save up money such that paying to roadtrip all summer before I start work is not an issue.

  5. Karl Decker
    Karl Decker says:

    Your opinion is so valuable, thank you for hard work to help us explore these treasures. So much to do and so little time! Do you have a video outlining the camera gear you use? I need some pointers or I'll end up bringing the kitchen sink. Just let me know when your ready to put out the, High Adventure Edition. . . .LOL!

  6. Alberto P. Abreus
    Alberto P. Abreus says:

    I understand it's a personal list, but I am surprised by Dry Tortuga's as even being on the list. For me
    1. Zion
    2. Yosemite
    3. Grand Canyon
    4. Arches
    5. Yellowstone Grand Teton
    6. Glacier
    7. Bryce Canyon
    8. Sequoia King's Canyon
    9. Rocky Mountain
    10. Acadia
    11. Rainer
    12. North Cascades
    13. Olympic
    14. Hawaiian Volcanoes
    15. Great Smoky Mountains

  7. Thomas Luley
    Thomas Luley says:

    I have been to 58 out of the 62 national parks, and I often get asked which is my favorite. It is the Grand Canyon. I think your list of the top 15 is a good one, but this is a delightfully impossible task for any lover of our national parks. As I was getting toward the end of this video, I was thinking how you could possibly omit Dry Tortugas? But that was your favorite! Warning: when you get to Alaska, you will have to completely revise your top 15 list. Those parks will blow you away!


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