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Camping with my daughter in Mohican State Park in February 2020. Winter tarp camping is the best! So I bought one of the cheapest 9×9 square tarps on Amazon! It did great and I will be putting it to the test in the future. In this video we do the “tarp tent” configuration and it was comfy cozy and warm! possibly my favorite tarp setup. More tarp videos coming in the future! Let me know in the comments if you want to see more tarp vids.

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48 replies
  1. Dragon Roams
    Dragon Roams says:

    Great night out even with the hiccups. Awesome job making it work even if you did have to head back out for a little. Very cool that your daughter wanted to camp even in the winter.

  2. It's Good in the Woods
    It's Good in the Woods says:

    I am a fan of tarp camping as well! Been using a square 10'x12' Paria Sanctuary sill tarp for years now! Awesome getting out there with your daughter! Very special. The way you set up that tarp is very cool. I have never done a pitch like that. I want a dyneema tarp as well , The new LightAF tarp is sick….. but I like my money in the bank account. UL often refers to the bank accountLOL Nice steak dude! I'm impressed with the set up. Awesome outing Bryce. Thanks for the share. ……..that is what sucks about popular camp sites.

  3. Michael Nabb
    Michael Nabb says:

    Awesome tarp set up..cool she went with ya ..funny story end whatever it take to make steaks ..thanks for taking us along…do more ppl then just one group stay at one site or hows that work ? looked like a huge site I've day hiked it but never backpacked it

    THERAPYINU says:

    Hilarious "reveal" at the end, Bryce. If you set it up, I'll join you, Goat, and Restless to dismantle half that fire-pit at Lower "10"…we could build steps to the upper area!

  5. Out and About
    Out and About says:

    Great video! Love seeing you get your daughter out for a quick overnighter. I’m a father of two girls myself, they enjoy hiking with me but I’m still trying to convince them to overcome their fear of a night out in the woods. Good stuff!


    Very cool and yes I totally agree anytime your teenage child wants to go camping you take. I love your videos I love the honesty and everything that comes along with them. I hate how most YouTubers only show you perfect scenarios and yes most of the time everything goes smoothly but there are them times where nothing goes right

  7. Emma, Julie, Liz and Helen Law
    Emma, Julie, Liz and Helen Law says:

    LMAO….what a great trip…hic-cups and all. SO great to see a father/daughter camping trip in your current conditions…..We spent last night bivying in sand dunes not far from the sea in the East of Englnd Fen Lands…temperature was down to 1*C but not a problem with four of us, a small fire and three dogs…lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video…Big ongrats to your Daughter too…Emma, Julie, Liz and Helen.

  8. TainoXtreme
    TainoXtreme says:

    Awesome video. What did you wear inside of the sleeping bag? Tell your daughter to convince mine to come with me in my backpacking trips, Please. Thank you so much for sharing this video. God bless you.

  9. Pack Mule
    Pack Mule says:

    Awesome tarp setup! Pretty cool seeing you on the way in and out. We worked our butts off but got a lot of wood at 9 and had a really nice fire. We could have hooked you up with some firestarter if that would have helped.

  10. Kirk Rozelle
    Kirk Rozelle says:

    Lexi is awesome getting out winter camping with her Dad! I'm so impressed. I enjoyed seeing your tarp tent. Did you say what size the tarp was? Very fun video. I really enjoy your channel.

  11. Journey on the Trail
    Journey on the Trail says:

    Great video! Got to love these kind of trips especially when you can involve your kids. My 5 year old has been quizzing me like crazy about when we can get back out which is just an awesome feeling. As a temporary solution she's rocking a tent on her bed.

  12. Fly Rod Hiker
    Fly Rod Hiker says:

    Great trip, I love the honesty you have by admitting the trip to dollar store, awesome! What size is your tarp? Loved the setup, I been thinking of going to a tarp myself. Always great when your teen agrees to go along! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Fred Donelson
    Fred Donelson says:

    Hiking to site 10 in some snow … nice! Tarp setup … "meh" (🤣🤣). Making memories with your daughter while camping … PRICELESS!! 😊😊😊😊

    Not having extra fire starter in winter, especially at Site 10 … ultra fail, but improvised night hike for the win!

    Thanks for sharing. Can't believe your kids are getting so big! 😎😎


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