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Join Nick Jones, Matt Hein, Elliot Binkerhoff, Wes Warner, Nick Jones, Joe Pawloski, Brandon Price, Marshal Bare, Andrew Hunt, Jason Clark, and John Green as they hike through one of Zion National Park’s most exciting trails: The Subway. Located on the Kolob side of Utah’s Zion Canyon, a trip down The Subway is perhaps one of the most coveted hikes in the world, and can be done only by permit. Photographed by Chris Dortch

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33 replies
  1. Donald Badowski
    Donald Badowski says:

    The first part of this video shows parts of Zion that have absolutely nothing to do with the Subway hike. I believe a lot of that footage came from the east side of the park, before you even get to the tunnels. The video shows none of the difficult parts of the journey, such as the the descent and return ascent down and up the canyon wall. That was some of the most difficult hiking I have ever done. Next, you need to know that when you get to the river, your path is often blocked by boulders that have rolled down the canyon. Yes, the Subway is beautiful, but it is not for the faint of heart. This is more "canyoneering" than hiking. I wish you all luck.

  2. Barbara Corbellini Duarte
    Barbara Corbellini Duarte says:

    Hey! I'm a producer for INSIDER Travel and I'm working on a video about this place. Would love to feature you on it. Would you be OK with us using your video? We would give you onscreen credit of course! Please let me know. Thank you!

  3. TheODalaigh
    TheODalaigh says:

    Thanks for the footage, but the music was not fitting. I turned down the volume, but that took away from it as well. It would have been great, had you just let the natural sounds recorded play.

  4. kate0680
    kate0680 says:

    great video. best footage i've seen of the subway. how did you keep to 5D dry. what casing did you use? i'm very curious about what sophie (comment below) mentioned. i'm travelling from australia to do this hike in early june next year, so i'm trying to do as much research as i can. any tips?

  5. Sophie D'Valiente
    Sophie D'Valiente says:

    I noticed you guys started from the top with no rappelling equipment. Is that possible? I believe to really enjoy the Subway you have to start from the top. But I've been told that's not possible if you don't have any rappelling equipment nor experience. Can you give some advice on how to hike it like you guys did?

  6. Justin Clegg
    Justin Clegg says:

    When I think about hiking, I think about memories of my Dad and taking the time to feel the cool air and enjoy the calm, beautiful scenery. The soundtrack on this video pretty much shot that for me.

  7. Charles Cummins
    Charles Cummins says:

    Just did this hike last week. One of the best hikes ever. So much to see…..it gets better each step………….until the hike out!!!!…that's a tough one but well worthe the first 7 miles! Great job on the video, everyone smiling….hard not to at the Subway.

  8. Jake Davies
    Jake Davies says:

    The Most Beautiful Hike in the World + Worlds Worst Song Choice = Video WAY below its potential. I still enjoyed the video, and laughed when the dude was chilling in the relaxing (most likely COLD) waterfall at the end, but 'Beautiful' and 'rock' rarely go well. Thanks for sharing though!


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