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I have no idea which day this is…maybe 5. It was a long time spent in Zion last year! I exposed 12 sheets of film on this day on 5 different subjects. This makes the most film I’ve ever burned through in a single day. It was a busy but really fun day! Most of the shots were pretty laid back and actually didn’t even require any extended, difficult hiking. That’s the amazing part about Zion National Park. You can exert as much or as little energy as you want and still find some great subjects. Thanks for following along, and I hope you enjoy!
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  1. Stuart Baines
    Stuart Baines says:

    Liked the rock textures in the first image, worth the scramble 👍🙂
    You must have arrived a little latter than Ben Horne leaves were falling.
    Certainly nailed the exposure settings even with different film stocks 👍

  2. Gábor Ruff
    Gábor Ruff says:

    Nice video, Alan. As a wildlife photographer, I always appreciate when I see some animals in the videos. Great photography too. I especially like the 5th image. If I remember well, Ben shot this scene too. 🙂

  3. tim morrow
    tim morrow says:

    Don't take this the wrong way but every shot doesn't have to be a selfy. As you describe these beautiful scenes to us all we get is a glimpse over your shoulder. Very frustrating. On the other hand your photography is awesome! Suscribed.

  4. Barbara Livieri
    Barbara Livieri says:

    Thanks for taking us all along with you to Zion. Been watching and keeping silent for a while. I do have a question. Everyone seems to go to Zion in the fall. Doesn't anyone go in the spring? Haaha, I'm going next month. First time ever. Wish I could get an idea what it's like then.
    Thanks again!

  5. Ben Horne
    Ben Horne says:

    You sure had a busy day! Even though I just returned from Zion on my winter trip, watching your video really makes me want to head back there. That area at the end where you shot your last photo is where I recorded some audio of those same crickets, and used that in several of my videos. Just like Scott, the first and last photos really stood out to me the most. Gotta love those maples!!

  6. nevadaxtube
    nevadaxtube says:

    Thanks for sharing Alan. You got some nice images in this video. I liked the first one the most. Zion is wonderful in the fall. I really enjoyed my trip this year. I missed you by about a week. I got some images at the same locations one week later. It's amazing how fast the color and mood can change in mere days!!

  7. Scott Walton
    Scott Walton says:

    Great job Alan. Really enjoyed the video and all the images, the first and last being my favs but they’re all nice. Glad to see you got the 300m. Sorry about the bellows draw issue. You probably already know about this or might not be interested but SK Grimes makes a nice extension tube that will give you some extra length. Feel free to reach out to me if you want some details. I’ve used them for years. All the best.


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