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I just hiked the Narrows hiking trail at Zion National Park in Utah! Here are some tips to have a good hiking adventure with family and friends. Those travel tips are from my personal experience with the narrows trail.

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  1. Susanne Collins
    Susanne Collins says:

    Loved the Narrows BUT the walking sticks would have let us cover more ground quicker. We spent 3 hours and probably only made it a few miles. However the current is going against you and there are slick rocks underfoot so even with sticks be careful. We came a few days later to do Angels Landing and it was incredible but also presents its own set of challenges. Wish we would have went further in the Narrows but I’m just happy to have gotten to see so much of one of the most unique and beautiful places on earth at all. All of your advice if good.
    People are very friendly and you will hear about 4 languages at any given time so that is really nice also. Sorry to hear people left garbage. Zion is one of the cleanest and best managed parks I’ve ever been too and do take in the small cafes just outside the park- the food and coffee shops are very good and you’ll see the occasional deer sauntering down the sidewalk every so often.
    Stopped by the Grand Canyon but it was just too late in the day to really explore but it is mind blowing just thinking of the sheer size of it. Zion is a mix of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Def my favorite National Park in the US so far. But still have a lot of parks to see.

  2. pinkfreud62
    pinkfreud62 says:

    Keep in mind if you're traveling with a carry on bag on a plane that hiking/trekking poles are not allowed per TSA. They need to be in a check in bag. Which sucks because alot of people just use carry ons. Walking canes are allowed though. I'm going in Sept., but I'm just sticking to the easy trails to suit my physical abilities.

  3. D Adams
    D Adams says:

    Ppl need to understand the dangers! Zion locations with most deaths as of 2014; Angels Landing: 12 The Narrows: 9 The Tunnel: 8.
    These tragic and sometimes horrific events have been published in a book titled “Deaths and Rescues in Zion.” Educate yourself before you go, be prepared and don't die or get hurt there.


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