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There are many places in Zion National Park not often visited by people, that are easy to get to, amazing to see, but not widely known or promoted by the Parks Department.
While we were visiting Ozark Miniatures in Cedar City Utah picking up our new 1;20.3 scale coaling tower, we stopped at Zion National Park, looking for the places most people never go! AND as we have a Senior Lifetime National Pass, we wondered in and found amazing places, many of which we had totally to ourselves.
The Zion National Park West Rim Trail, Kolob Canyons, Kolob Terrace and the most beautiful Ghost Town in America, Grafton Utah.
From the Web:
Zion National Park is a southwest Utah nature preserve distinguished by Zion Canyon’s steep red cliffs. Zion Canyon Scenic Drive cuts through its main section, leading to forest trails along the Virgin River. The river flows to the Emerald Pools, which have waterfalls and a hanging garden. Also along the river, partly through deep chasms, is Zion Narrows wading hike.



Zion National Park:
(435) 772-3256
Staffed daily from 9 am – 12 pm. Recorded information is available 24 hours a day. If you are unable to reach someone by phone, please email us at zion_park_information@nps.gov.
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39 replies
  1. Karyn Felix-Angell
    Karyn Felix-Angell says:

    I will always have a special place in my heart for Zion National Park, Kolob Canyon and Bryce Canyon. I absolutely love the red rock formations, the green plant life, and blue skies. The whole area is an awesome wonderland of nature's best. I feel connected to the surroundings.. a sense of wonderment and peace. I always wonder just what the first pioneers thought, when they first saw this area!! An amazing place!!

  2. Jorge Fernandez
    Jorge Fernandez says:

    I’m not much of a mountain railroad person !
    In fact I prefer the rules running on the bridge along the coast line with palm trees in the background the main roads areas small islands are swarming till you get to your final destination in Key West ! Henry M Flagler was a genius but, he was no match for the hurricane of 1935 !

  3. Rick Rack
    Rick Rack says:

    I found that area Kolob Canyons and the Virgin road area kinda by accident just looking at a map and going there. back around May 7th and 8th, 2013. Great photo ops right off the road and with car travel…… went as far as a private lake/pond on the Virgin Road. Maybe it has been further developed for travel now?
    At 16:52 on the video, where the fat "rockets/ballistic missile" formations are on the right, you should have mentioned the HANGING VALLEY more to the left. I know there was an interpretive chart/display or two explaining it. I wanted to go hike there if possible, to get to the upper valley, … maybe a paradise…. but did not have time. It is the green valley with the plunging cliff/waterfall facing the lower part of that valley/canyon system. Different than the BOX canyons.

  4. D Mertz
    D Mertz says:

    Ive watch a ton of videos on zion but yours is the best in so many ways. First the narration is wonderful. Perfect voices for narration you two have. Second, the sound track! WOW. Keep it up! Subscribed for sure! Headed to Zion next week with family of four. Then off to Arches and Canyonlands…

  5. Derek Mills
    Derek Mills says:

    Beautiful country! Kept looking for Stage coaches in the valleys and Injun war parties riding down the hills. No disrespect meant to Native Americans – they most often won the battle (if not the war)! Giving away my age!

  6. Heartgear One
    Heartgear One says:

    I got really excited when I saw the 1930's Tunnel because I recognised it one of the expansions from the game Fallout New Vegas where you travel to Zion Canyon.
    I am currently doing a Roleplay set in Reno in that world and when I saw it was near Truckee I thought of you guys. If you'd do me a favor and visit Reno at some point I'd love some shots of the area to get my imagination working to imagine it Post 1950's nuclear war. My character has taken residence in a historic neo mission style elementary school there with her army of girl scouts

  7. Aaron Whitesell
    Aaron Whitesell says:

    Great video, My father and I are going out there this fall. I have stumbled upon another youtuber's channel that has wonderful cinematography and experience of this area. His name is Jamal Green and I am no way connected to him, just thought if people appreciated this, they would love his channel.

  8. Don Magee
    Don Magee says:

    Please retract this video, please take this video down…we don't want people to know about this. Why are you telling everyone about this…do you just want a lot of crowds, lol!!! We have been traveling this road and love it, please quit telling everybody about it. We really enjoy watching you, but you have to quit giving away all the secrets!!!

  9. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith says:

    Err Guys, I freaked when you said 2017 didn't produce much (hardly any) snow, as we have been sweating out a long, almost unbearable summer and (now) autumn and wondering if (our) Winter will bring relief. It is now time for us to look out our moth-balled woollies, um should we bother, based on your weather patterns, which, in theory precedes ours?? Bye-the-bye, Karyn, I can see why you are the ideal wife/consort, based on you comments and input. No disrespect for, um, oh you know ……..

  10. Dirk
    Dirk says:

    What an exciting trip I really liked seeing this, unfortunately I had to watch it on my phone because I'm house sitting and it's all I have with me now, but it was still really enjoyable

  11. Frank Story
    Frank Story says:

    It only took a day in downtown Las Vegas for us to know that it wasn't our thing. We rented a car and drove to Zion – the best part of our trip. I don't remember traffic being a problem but it was in 1996.

    Another fine and entertaining video. Thanks for superb entertainment.

  12. Kerri Dillon
    Kerri Dillon says:

    Another entertaining, incredible video from Mr. & Mrs. Funster! I want to volunteer to be shot off the cliff for the Wednesday show! I could use a little excitement in my life Dale & Karyn!

  13. Greg Uzar
    Greg Uzar says:

    Leave 'em wanting more… Spectacular place, Zion. It is on my bucket list to return to. This was a wonderful Toy Man and Bride, Adventure. I got to see the coaling tower with someone next to it to scale the monster. I have seen it done in "O" scale and it is huge in that scale. Can't wait to see where you two get to next. Greg and Jeanne.

  14. eclemensen
    eclemensen says:

    Great show, that's why I love it when you travel. cause I Probably won't get there. The rock formations are sooooo fantastic, was thinking just before you started showing the stills, how I would love to see some, (better yet, a picture book would be great) But that is just part of the situation, As a long time ago I said I'd love to raid your music library, once again I am sooooo reminded of that, so well pieced together song and show. My grandmother once said youth is wasted on the young, oh it would be so great to have the age (stamina) to hike back into all of those canyons.

  15. ATSF Venta Spur Nscaler
    ATSF Venta Spur Nscaler says:

    Hi Dale and Karyn! You went to God's Country…so incredibly beautiful! I drove my car into Zion's Kolob Canyons a few years ago. The entrance for it is right off I-15 just south of Cedar City. Even though it's part of the national park, there were no fees charged to go into Kolob Canyons. Is it still that way?
    -from Tom Pilling

  16. Bret H
    Bret H says:

    Absolute Gem of a video 💎
    Every summer we would drive to Southern Utah from LA to camp and explore been to all the places in this video amazing Beauty

  17. tom7601
    tom7601 says:

    When you mentioned the traffic, it reminded me of a comment by Yogi Berra regarding a local restaurant. He said, "It's so crowded, nobody goes there anymore."


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