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There is a place where the desert comes alive. Where rain breaks forth from solid stone, and gardens spring from blistered rock. There is a place with enough color to make a rainbow jealous. Where boulders are bigger than buildings and cliffs are higher than clouds. There is a place that will straighten your step, tighten your grip, widen your eyes, and open your jaw.

There is a place.

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  1. Jonny Lipford
    Jonny Lipford says:

    The piano guys sent me.  I've actually been to St. George and Zion National park. There was a flute festival in which I performed at several years ago.  I hiked the Narrows, The Virgin River, camped at the campground and hiked to the top of Angel's Landing. It's magical! 

  2. Jason Butler
    Jason Butler says:

    Beautiful, but this video makes it seem like St. George & Zion are in the same place. ZION National Park is over an hour's drive from St. George. Springdale, Utah is the only town in Zion Canyon…


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