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We’ve always loved camping. We’d pack up our car with a tent, Maverick, and whatever else would fit and head for the most rustic campground in our area. We even spent a week on Edisto Island, SC, tent camping. It never rains once you’ve crossed the bridge to Edisto, the locals said. Well, it rained the entire week we were there! But, we still had fun! As the years passed, we got busier with our jobs and decided we’d go camping more often if we could leave on a moments notice. So we bought good quality camping items, placed them all in totes, organized everything to the max, and then went tent camping like, twice that year. When Anthony bought the Westy, we had the most fun of our lives! We packed it full of everything we needed to go camping/fishing at a moments notice, and we did. I don’t know how many wonderful times that summer I would call Anthony to tell him I got cut early on a Friday night! -Yay, restaurant worker hours, amiright? We could get showered, have our food packed, and be able to leave in under an hour! Summer 2017, you hold the best memories. With this van, we just cut out the middle man, our house! No more packing anything up. We just live in here and are camping all the time! I kid. Living and camping in a van are two different things. I love living in our van but so far on this trip we’ve mostly parked at boat ramps and Walmart’s. This is only the second time we’re staying at a campsite. Honestly, it’s not usually in our budget. But I’ve been wanting to camp aka, put out our awning, and sit around a campfire with our feet in the grass. Getting our grounding on! So this campsite in Flamingo is a real blessing. It’s been so peaceful to sleep in the same spot for longer then two nights.

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