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Utah by motorcycle part 4, the long awaited finally of my time in Utah, this time exploring Zion and struggling to find a campsite near the crowded national park. I ended finding a pile of snow to put my tent on and there were not many people around for miles, so I was content. Always an adventure!

Hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching!


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37 replies
  1. mattyd338
    mattyd338 says:

    How cool! We rode Zion and Bryce the weekend after you were there. Saw the Reservoir sign and said “what the heck lets go check it out.” Beautiful evening ride just as you displayed in the video. Many time the best places you find were not in your plans. Thanks Tim. Great job. Stay safe.

  2. tinabeane
    tinabeane says:

    Agree the East entrance is better way to enter the park with the views. Usually I think it has less traffic too but not on that holiday. Snow again, you can not get away. Very nice sunrise though. Another great video!! I'm heading out soon myself to Craters of the Moon Natl Monument, Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier. Catch your videos later, enjoy the ride!! 🙂

  3. Lennie Dixon
    Lennie Dixon says:

    I'm doing the 48 States in 10 Days Iron Butt ride next month and have picked up some useful tips from your posts. Thank you so much. i wish I was young and single again because I would give anything to live on the bike for a while. Stay safe.

  4. Jfk Democrat
    Jfk Democrat says:

    My wife & I did the Utah National Parks in late September, early October. No large crowds, cool but nice weather. Don’t know how you got those amazing videos of u cruising the park on your bike???

    LKLD FJR says:

    I really liked this one, Tim!

    Gorgeous scenery, apropos music, wonderful camera angles, and a little adventure thrown in. Glad you found a spot to camp, as the shadows were looking long, and not many options.

    All the best,

  6. Bruce Kratky
    Bruce Kratky says:

    I remember awakening one morning in Yellowstone National Park to a coating of about 1/4 inch of snow. It had been in the 60’s when I hit the sack. Upon unzipping the tent I was confronted by “Wonderland.” Though it was cold having been outside for a month I don’t recall even shivering. I do remember cold fingers when beginning to ride and the warmth of the cylinder heads as it warmed heating my deer skin leather work gloves I rode with. No heated handle bar grips on a 1971 Honda CB450. I am so envious of your journey and so thankful I took mine.

  7. Michael Püchner
    Michael Püchner says:

    Hello Tim! Now you have set yourself in this video also on the international audience! I do not have to change the temperature anymore! Great! And as always … fantastic landscape! Greetings from Germany by Michael!

  8. Robin G
    Robin G says:

    Utah is a wonderful next door neighbor for us Colorado kids. Love Zion! That long tunnel is wild… and really fun with loud pipes. The resonant frequencies are something to behold. I laughed the whole way through. Beautiful place and great camera angles to catch it. Yeah – the weather has been crazy this year. I wanted Utah for Memorial Day but ended up in New Mexico for fear of the weather. It ended up being a cool trip and a bit warmer than yours. Travel safe!


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