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We explore what is going on with America’s National Parks and the current changes that could alter the natural landscape forever. From our experience, to what is going on in the modern day and what could happen to them in the future.

Our parks are evolving based on market trends and government decisions.
Here are some ways that you can help:
o Don’t approach or feed the wildlife.
o Pick up your trash. Pack it in, pack it out and leave it how you found it.
o Don’t promote corporate greed, oppose privatization of OUR National Parks.
o OPPOSE Construction of cell towers

Links to Petitions to stop Privatizing of National Parks:
o https://www.change.org/p/united-states-department-of-the-interior-stop-the-privatization-of-us-national-park-campgrounds
o https://act.credoaction.com/sign/national-park-privatization

Session notes from committee meeting regarding changes.

P.S. The committee that was making the recommendations to the US DOI, has been terminated as of Nov. 1, 2019 as part of a regular review of federal advisory committees, but the government is still considering their suggestions.
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