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It had been 4 years since I had been to Subway in Zion National Park, so a return visit was in order! This is not the easiest hike in the world, but the payoff is more than worth it. The last half mile of the hike, starting with Archangel Falls, is the most spectacular stretch of scenery that I’ve ever witnessed…well worth the effort!

We met so many great people along the way that day! Thanks to all of you for reaching out…it was such a perfect day for photography and friends!
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32 replies
  1. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith says:

    Hey, Alan, somewhere along the way I missed your transition from the Intrepid back to the Shen-Hao. Have you decided that the Intrepid is not the field camera for you?

  2. John Eason
    John Eason says:

    I was just at Zion April 2019. I did not take this hike, but, fyi I saved this video to my Utah folder so I would remember on the next trip, maybe in the fall.
    Thanks, great video

  3. Chris Santos
    Chris Santos says:

    I'm hopefully going this week and potentially the end of April depending on the weather. How do you think the hike up will be in the spring? Any spots to be worried about my camera gear getting wet?

  4. New England Railfan
    New England Railfan says:

    Hi Alan great job on the channel. I’ve been watching for some time now. I started shooting 4X5 after following you. I have one question do you still have the intrepid 4X5? Just wondering because I see your using your older 4X5. Have a great day.

  5. Alan Crossland
    Alan Crossland says:

    Superb video Alan, that looks like a rewarding but hard hike!! I’ve heard of subway but now really know what or where is is, you have just taken me there!! And a really nice image of the crack, lovely!

  6. nevadaxtube
    nevadaxtube says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Alan. I don't know how you could pass up a photo at the falls? The photo at the end of the video was superb! You are making me want to go back as soon as possible.


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