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If you have never been to Southern Utah, make sure and put it on your list of places to visit! We fell in LOVE with Southern Utah for so many reasons. #1 is all of the National Parks in the area like Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands! But also so many state parks and the beautiful Scenic Byway 12! The scenery is constantly changing and each place has its own unique beauty! From high in the mountains with Aspens and cooler temps to down in the canyons or red or white rock faces and warmer temps! And lets not forget all the places to go OFF ROAD in your Jeep or ATV!! Southern Utah is an adventurers paradise!! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay longer but we will be back to Utah and will stay for a long time!

Where we stayed:
Toms Best Spring


⭐️ If your new Here HELLO!! We are Loftis Party of Six!! LPO6 for short!!

Dad- Michael
Mom- Laine
Kids from oldest to youngest-
Grady, Layla, Chason & Gabriel

We are a Full-time RV Living family with 4 kids who in 2018 Sold Everything to be a Family who is together all the time!! Homeschooling our kids and going on amazing adventures and seeing incredible places!! We just sold our 1st RV set up which was a truck and 5th wheel (see video of why we switched here: https://youtu.be/eLLAGDzEEv8 ) to get our new RV set up with a Class A and Jeep Wrangler! Thanks


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31 replies
  1. Jos Ferguson
    Jos Ferguson says:

    My wife and I have been enjoying your channel, especially since her family is from rural Missouri. If you head towards LA, we would love to meet up to hear your stories first hand and give you tips on seeing LA with kids without spending tons of $$.

  2. New Horizons
    New Horizons says:

    Oh my GOSH! Land sake those were some bright vivid colors. Changing from one scenery to another in a flash of a eye. Thank for taking us all along on this journey. Hopefully you will stay in a warm States for the winter. God bless you and your family and safe travels. We just lost our precious little Angel baby boy Frosty 2 weeks ago. He was a little Shitzu. He was my life. And saviour. Everytime I had a foot surgery. He was by my side comforting me. He saved me so many times when I thought about giving up. But keeping my small YouTube Channel going has helped keep my mind off of losing him. If you ever get the chance to watch one of my videos. I truly would appreciate it. And maybe subscribe. I have been doing a whole series on Mount Airy, North Carolina. The Andy Griffith Show was a channel I sat and watched with my dad. Just like you did. God bless you and your family and safe travels.

  3. Larae Wareham
    Larae Wareham says:

    I have to agree with you about Utah. ❤️Utah. We live in Eastern Utah. We are just a few miles from some of the places you have seen. We have a Jeep and go out every chance we get. We may go to the same places over and over but they are always beautiful. So beautiful, also ever changing according to the light and shadows.

  4. Nat Angell
    Nat Angell says:

    You guys sound like me in trying to describe southern Utah to anyone that has never saw it. The absolute most amazing scenery ever. Driving the hogback on hwy 12, seeing the landscape along the Grand Staircase Escalanta, Bryce and Zion then Hwy 95 to Blanding and north to Moab. Nothing like it in the world. Wonderful that you can take the kids. They may not remember the beautiful scenery but they will remember all the fun they had with the family. God Bless your family!

  5. The Atywood Reality
    The Atywood Reality says:

    The baby is so big! It’s like from one week to the next he grows by a couple months! I don’t know if videos were lagging that far behind or I just wasn’t paying attention to the little dude but it makes me miss when mine were toddlers! (Sometimes 😆)

  6. Uber Man Tampa
    Uber Man Tampa says:

    You need to watch this video. It concerns the new regulations about kids and showing kids in your videos. My understanding is you won't be monetized if you designate your videos as suitable for kids nor will you be monetized if you show kids in your videos. This is a huge game changer for you. I wouldn't ignore this.

  7. Karen English
    Karen English says:

    We loved it, too, when we traveled 6k+ miles just in the west, last year for our 50th anniversary. If you didn't check it out, Valley of Fire State Park in Utah was awesome. Neat campground and red rock. Love your family, bloopers and all.


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