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Zion Canyon is one of the many spectacular sandstone canyons carved out of the Colorado
plateau. Though it is a desert, water carved this land, removing material over the millennia, cutting deep through the sandstone. This flowing water has formed a land rich in amazing formations such as the subway and the zion narrows. Water also has created one of Zion’s most unique habitats, the hanging gardens. Here water flows from the rock. American dippers build their nests among the plants clinging to the wall. Ripple bugs skitter about, and Long-jaw orbweavers spin webs to trap any insects coming in for a drink.
However, one species here is a little more emblematic and special, the Zion Snail. This tiny snail is endemic to hanging gardens in only a 3 mile stretch of canyon. Grazing on algae, they move slowly along the rockface. Its foot is unusually large, giving it more powerful suction in this vertical habitat with flowing water. Likewise its thin, smooth shell helps reduce drag, being similar to many unrelated stream dwelling snails. Usually specimens encountered are very small, only the size of a pinhead, but some get to grow a bit larger, though still smaller than a kernal of corn. They were described in 1925, just 6 years after Zion national park was established, by malacologist Henry Pilsbry who was very excited by his discovery of this snail living in these unique habitats.

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    Your use of macro videography is SO cool! I admire your patience and care as you bring us inspiring stories from a different size scale. Also, Zion looks great! Thanks for bringing us along on your adventures!


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