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An annual tradition where I recap the best videos of the year, share some behind the scenes commentary and tell some interesting stories about the year, in this case 2019!

146 Videos this year!
1.5 Million Watch Hours in 2019, up from 58 million watch minutes in 2018 (Youtube changed the metric)
15 Million Views up from 10 million in 2018
33,000 Comments up from 24K comments.
84,000 new subscribers up from 59K in 2018
Up to 834 Videos Total

Notable Milestone 1: 100K Subscribers
Notable Milestone 2: Worst Hotels in Vegas passed 2 Million Views
Notable Milestone 3: Guest on a Japanese TV Show on Round 1

Big trips:
Zion National Park & Las Vegas
A week in Korea for a Youtuber Trip (I’m a Youtuber now!)
A week in London
Santa Cruz – San Francisco Bay Area

New equipment:
Sennheiser AVX Microphone Setup (Used for videos with more than just me)

The Launch of the Office Survival Guide Channel:

Macgyver the Bunny’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/macgyver_thebunny/
Enchanted Production Studio Instagram (Food): https://www.instagram.com/enchanted_production_studio/

But there’s some really big news coming soon!

10. Top 10 Best Credit Cards for Travel in 2019
Uploaded January 2019 , 81K Views, 1029 Likes, 94 dislikes

9. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Tips: 10 Things to Know Before YOU Go
Uploaded June 2019 ,107K Views, 1731 Likes, 209 dislikes

8. Japan Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go
Uploaded December 2018 , 120K Views, 2017 Likes, 61 dislikes

7. Macau Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go
Uploaded Dec 2018 , 133K Views, 1358 Likes, 72 dislikes

6. San Francisco Travel Tips: 11 Things to Know Before You Go
Uploaded May 2019 , 140K Views, 2599 Likes, 118 dislikes

5. Hong Kong Travel Tips: 11 Things to Know Before You Go
Uploaded Jan 2019 , 153K Views, 1726 Likes, 144 dislikes

4. Zion National Park: 10 Things to Know Before You Go
Uploaded Feb 2019 , 160K Views, 1628 Likes, 70 dislikes

3. What’s New at Disneyland for 2019
Uploaded Jan 2019 , 217K Views, 2347 Likes, 106 dislikes

2. Common Tourist Mistakes in Las Vegas
Uploaded April 2019 , 245K Views, 3584 Likes, 204 dislikes

1. What’s New in Las Vegas for 2019
Uploaded January 2019, 626K Views, 7681 Likes, 306 dislikes

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18 replies
  1. Tanmoy Mazumdar
    Tanmoy Mazumdar says:

    I got a paid week vacation from the starbucks i was working and your santa cruz video helped me to have a great amazing solo trip in summer. i just did whatever you suggested and i will forever happy to cheer the memories @yellow productions

  2. Alex Jossi
    Alex Jossi says:

    I’ve watched every single one as far as I know. Maybe a couple here and there I might have missed. Always look forward to the new videos, but I’m bummed that due to my work schedule, the live streams are too late now.

  3. TrangleC
    TrangleC says:

    I can't speak for others and I haven't disliked the video myself, nor any other of your videos, but I have the suspicion that the reason why the Star Wars video got dislikes is not because of the jacket, but because Disney Star Wars and Galaxy's Edge is controversial and disliked by a lot of Star Wars fans and former Star Wars fans, like me.
    I haven't watched the video, because I'm not interested in Galaxy's Edge, or in any further Star Wars stuff coming from Disney.

    They dismiss dissatisfied customers and former fans like me as "angry, misogynist, Alt Right man babies" who just can't stand the fact that women are the focus of the new Star Wars movies, but that is gas lighting and a deliberate diversion from legitimate criticisms, the same way the people behind "Ghostbusters 2016" and now "Terminator Dark Fate" blame their garbage movie's failure on the audience not being progressive enough, instead of accepting that they made bad movies.

    Even the "Imagineers" working on Galaxy's Edge were unhappy about the order to avoid "Old Star Wars" as much as possible in the park, because Disney is trying to distance itself from the original material. That is why it is set on a new planet nobody ever heard of, instead of it being Tatooine, as it should have been.

    The new park was a financial disappointment at the very least, a outright failure according to many. They apparently scapegoated the park manager and fired her over it, even though the real problem lies in the fact that their whole concept for their "new" Star Wars isn't working and even little girls, the main target audience, doesn't really bite and is less into movies about old hermits drinking green space manatee milk freshly from the teat, than they thought they would be.

    The whole thing is weird anyways. They originally bought both Marvel and then Lucas Film as part of a big push to get away from being "The Pink Prinzess Company" that only caters to little girls and bring in a male audience and then they put Cathleen Kennedy in charge, a staunch war of the sexes warrior and ideologue, who proudly brags about the fact that she got her career because a Feminist Advocacy Group sued her employer into hiring her.

    The following contains some spoilers:

    Kylo Ren's motto: "Let the past die! Kill it if you must!" became the mantra for the whole franchise that was mostly built on nostalgia. They character-assassinated the old characters (x) and killed them off one by one, to wipe the slate clean while at the same time making the first movie in the new trilogy a beat for beat remake of "A New Hope" and now bringing back the Emperor as a villain for the last one, because they can't come up with anything new, or at least something that would make sense.

    (x) Han Solo became a deadbeat dad and a bumbling fool who FORGOT where he parked the Millennium Falcon and a young girl who never saw the thing before is not only able to repair it immediately, but also flies it better than even he did. And then, when he gets killed and the surviving members of his mission return to the "Resistance" base (Don't get me started on that nugget. Why are they "The Resistance" when they won the war against the Empire and "The First Order" are a bunch of upstart counter-revolutionaries?), Leia just walks past Chewbacca without even glancing at him, so she can hug and share her grief over Han's death with a character she knew for 20 minutes at that time.

    And Luke got it even worse, much worse. Not only does he get ridiculed with the milk thing, his pathetic behavior ("The sacred texts!"), no the man who was willing to risk everything to redeem his father and turn him good again now is a dude who tried to murder his nephew in his sleep because he suspected him of going Dark Side. And when that didn't work, he ran away and hid for decades, to then get his ass handed to him by a new, somehow better, albeit one-dimensional blank Mary Sue character "Chosen One" in training.

    And now the Emperor is back with a new, even bigger and scarier Imperial Fleet, making Luke's heroism and Vader's sacrifice pointless and retroactively devaluing the original trilogy.

    Long story short, there are good reasons to not like what Disney did to Star Wars and apparently the turnout at Galaxy's Edge reflects that and so does the reaction to a video about it, I suspect.

    I won't even see the new movie. Star Wars is dead to me and I don't even say that with rage or huge disappointment. I just feel indifferent about it and know the product isn't worth the money. The prospect of watching another Star Wars movie made by those people just feels like the prospect of eating at a restaurant that I made very bad experiences at.
    If that makes me "a raging man baby", so be it.

  4. Colleen Huntley
    Colleen Huntley says:

    Great 2019 Review & Best Videos. 2019 is the year I found your YouTube Channel, your channel greatly helped me with our trip to Japan. I always enjoy watching all your videos and all your channels. Keep up the great work, can't wait for your big news. Looking forward to your next adventures. Thanks again from your Canadian Panda donation Explorer.

    JAMES HIGA says:

    Hi Chris. Great Job in 2019. Congrats on all the milestones you have achieved this year.. Hopefully the link of you on the Japanese show will be available. Would be an interesting video to watch. Keep up the great job and continued success to your channel.

  6. Grant Richardson
    Grant Richardson says:

    Chris, I enjoy all of your videos with special interest in those pertaining to Japan. I plan to visit Japan in the fall of next year. In the meantime I'm brushing up on the Japanese language and etiquette. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  7. Matt DeHollander
    Matt DeHollander says:

    Can’t wait for my wife and I to get out there to California we will for sure check out Disney and of course Knotts berry farm since we are pass holders for cedar fair. Do you travel much to Florida, Chicago, or Detroit those are areas I can give you toooooooons of tips about lol

  8. Bon Sen
    Bon Sen says:

    Hi Chris, I missed your live stream. But thanks for the posting the links. I’ll be in your neck of the woods next week & can’t wait to put your tips to good use.

  9. Bryan Clark
    Bryan Clark says:

    Congrats on all your success! I always found myself wondering what you do for a living. Have you transitioned now to full-time YouTubing? Edit: You answered my question. Respect for being able to get this much time off work! haha


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