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Preview of this year’s trip to Zion National Park. This was my 7th consecutive year visiting the park and as always, I had a great time making images and seeing old friends. I really look forward to sharing this trip with everyone. I hope you enjoy the preview video!
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21 replies
  1. Betty Hockey
    Betty Hockey says:

    I love Zion and love watching your YouTube uploads!!!
    I went to Zion with my brother this April2019 and fell in love with it! I, too, can’t wait to return! Until then, I’ll just keep watching your videos. Thanks for not giving up! 😉

  2. Paul Glover
    Paul Glover says:

    So glad you were able to find your inner creative again on this trip. It's not an unusual situation to be in as a creative type; it's been a while since I broke out the camera myself, mostly due to a home move we just had to go through (kinda hard to motivate to photo editing or shooting when you're surrounded by unpacked boxes). We always come back to it though.

    Looking forward to the full video. If the quality of this preview is anything to go by it will be a stunner!

  3. Mike Morgan
    Mike Morgan says:

    Alan, as a photographer myself I know that sometimes the inspiration fades. However, I have found that the quiet times between inspiration and creativity are the times we are able to change the colors on our palette, a chance to see the world through sometimes older and experienced eyes, a space to once more hear the muse. Your "eye' for an image is magical and inspiring to all of us. Let the quiet times be quiet, and know that when you make an image, we shall all be here ready to share in your journey. Thank you for the journeys. They are more important than you may know !

  4. Daniel Egger
    Daniel Egger says:

    Oh man, what a preview and what a story behind! Really looking forward to the next videos. Good to hear that you are still in business. There would be definitely missing something if you give up LF photography and stop the channel here!

  5. Thomas Worth
    Thomas Worth says:

    Great preview, looking forward to the rest of it! My kids took their first adult-less road trip this summer and spent a day in Zion. They took some iPhone shots but were mostly just living in the moment and enjoying their time there, so I can't wait to see some of that park through the eyes and gear of a pro such as yourself 👍

  6. Andreas Resch
    Andreas Resch says:

    Looking good. Let's see what you and Ben come up with this time. It's about the same for me. Haven't shot since last fall and didn't have a real urge to do some (I have a creative job anyway). But once I'm under that dark cloth and stand in the middle of nowhere, all the passion comes back. And yeah – it's all about the journey.


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