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If you are staying in or around St. George Utah it is almost a must do to go to Zion National Park. and when it is The middle of February and there is still snow on the ground who could resist!
In all honestly Zion is one of the most stunning places we have ever been both sitting in the bottom of the canyon and from the tops of the mountains, just be warned if you are scared of heights maybe do go to close to the edge.
Today we went on the Zion overlook trail. this is a short hike of about 2 miles round trip and while it is not a hard hike there is some slightly scary (if you are afraid of heights) or slippery parts especially where there is runoff from the snow. we also had the opportunity to drive through the park, something that most visitors to Zion national park don’t get to do because from March through November the park runs a shuttle bus throught the canyon that you are required to ride on.
The hike that we went on is called the Zion Overlook hike, it is located just before the East entrance to the tunnel, there is 2 small parking lots at the trailhead, and there is restrooms in the parking lot as well.
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