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1. Chris Zabriskie – I am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor
2. Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections – Eyes on Me
3. Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks – Aerith’s Theme (Orchestrated)
4. Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections – Kids Run Through the City

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  1. RedondoBeach2
    RedondoBeach2 says:

    Does Zion National Park have an official website or phone number that can be called for information on the status of whether trails are open or closed due to weather or reasons? I want to go in the winter, but don't want a Walt Grizwald situation where I travel cross country in The Family Truckster, only to find out that Wally World is closed. In this case, Zion hiking trails.

  2. soozeepim247
    soozeepim247 says:

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME …. I have been to Zion Canyon …. IT's time to go again …. I love the GRAND CANYON and surrounding parks …. I would even go by myself …. 😎😉😍😁😮👩👼👩‍🦰🎆🎡🍕🌮🚓🚎🚉💢❤

  3. Bryan Thompson
    Bryan Thompson says:

    Iv'e been to Zion many times and I never get tired of going there. It is like being in a different world. I will be going there in a few months and angel's landing is on my list of hikes. Thanks for sharing this.


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