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On my 7th day in Zion, the weather forecast was ideal for reflected light, so I decided to visit the quiet west side of the park. The Kolob Canyons section is the first to see fall color, and this late in the season it looked more like winter. I set out on a few hikes to see if I could find any subjects to photograph.

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29 replies
  1. Raevenswood
    Raevenswood says:

    what was your decision making process around using a mono rail vs your 8×10 field camera? do you find more versatility out of a monorail? Honest question. I’ve been looking into moving over from 6×6 to shooting some 4×5 as well but the price difference between a monorail and a field camera is a lens or two apart. Just wondering how you pack the mono rail and if you think there are major disadvantages to starting off with a monorail?

  2. Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan says:

    Fabulous series. Just watched all the Death Valley/Zion videos. Thanks for everything. I’m actually a city guy (I live in Shanghai, one endless gigantic city, so more of a cityscape photographer) so it’s very interesting to watch you in such wilderness. Great photos. Such patience. Keep up the great work.

  3. John Doddato
    John Doddato says:

    Your work and videos are excellant. Watching you work reminds me of my many years working with a large format camera. I love the thought process and the contemplative approach you take when working. Today because I am a bit older I am activitly using a Sony Alpha camera. I miss my large format days and that style of photography but I still incorporate the quiet slow approach to photography that large format demands. I look forward to more of your work in the future.

  4. Ed Spencer
    Ed Spencer says:

    Excellent trip. Thanks, as always, for sharing it with us. The bottom right of the oil picture looks like it has a reflection of you and your hat in it… is that right or am I just trying to see that in the dark patch?

  5. scotty4418
    scotty4418 says:

    Awesome series Ben and a beautiful final image. When you elect to explore an area for future visits, do you make any written notes as to places to revisit in the future or do you return to an area based on your memory and mental notes?

  6. Theodore Merklin
    Theodore Merklin says:

    Great series, as always. A couple of questions – do you ever use another camera/viewfinder/directors loupe to judge compositions before breaking out your large format beauty, or do you only visualize scenes with your eyes? Also, your mention of the solar shower made me think – have you ever done (or would you consider doing) a video about how you've outfitted your 4Runner for your photographic adventures? I've seen lots of overland/off-road videos on here, but none that I can think of that have the photographer's needs front and center. Happy New Year!

  7. Mike H.
    Mike H. says:

    Do you find talking to the camera helps ease the nerves when you encounter a potential for a predator run in? I came close to a bear encounter a few months back. I heard it, I couldn't see it, but I knew it could see me.

  8. Landscapes By Zalman Wainhaus
    Landscapes By Zalman Wainhaus says:

    Wonderful video, Ben. A great way to close out the series. That image of the leaves resting in the natural oils was very striking, and as you said, it shows how opening yourself to your surroundings can yield great results. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jazzy
    Jazzy says:

    I know its still reasonable to worry, but mountain lions are very rarely aggressive with people. They're more likely to avoid you than you are them.

  10. eric moss
    eric moss says:

    Have you been over to Cave Knoll (aka "Dog Nipples")? It's a different vibe, but once you're on top, there are some great shapes, creamy orange sandstone, and pools with reeds and reflections of sky and rocks.

  11. Nick Swisher
    Nick Swisher says:

    Great video to end the trip! I really enjoy hearing the voiceovers, its a really nice way to wrap up the experience of the trip and share how you felt about the it afterwards. That was a very interesting canyon you discovered towards the end. I'm really excited to hopefully take my 4×5 to zion and photograph the East Side again next year!

  12. Alexander Matragos
    Alexander Matragos says:

    Happy New Year Ben!!! Let 2018 be full of beautiful-memorable moments!!! Stay healthy! Great end to a beautiful series. The shot with the leaves came out truly spectacular! Wasn’t expecting it that good during the video!

  13. Thomas Heaton
    Thomas Heaton says:

    Great video and an excellent series. Your Oil & Leaves image really stood out to me in your portfolio box. I have to say, you can't really appreciate the image on screen. It needs to be viewed on that gorgeous Hahnemühle paper.

  14. Frank Sirona
    Frank Sirona says:

    In the over 10 years I'm hiking and shooting the Southwest now, I bumped into a mountain lion only once – actually into a gang of three of them. They didn't show any aggressive behaviour, but their complete fearlessness felt quite scary. Like all cats these animals are the perfect killing machines, and I can assure you one thing, Ben: once you've seen one of those in the wild, you'll never look again at your own cats the same way like before…


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