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ℹ️About the episode:
In this episode, we visit Zion National Park in our Timberleaf teardrop trailer and stay at Watchman Campground. We hike Angels Landing and take a Jeep trail and drone great (free) RV camping sites on BLM land.

New to this season?
We answer some questions about the new rig here.
Our philosophy from the beginning has been “Starting small now is better than starting big, later!” Well, we’re putting that philosophy to test this season and showing that memories are not reserved for “fulltime” RVers.

Creating lasting memories is for everyone no matter what size RV, budget or how long you’re away. This season we wanted to explore Arizona, California, Colorado and Utah, but we wanted to do it in an entirely different way. More camping ⛺️ and more National Parks 🏜

When spring arrives and it starts to get warm in Arizona, we’ll finally select a motorized RV and hit the road fulltime again.

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47 replies
  1. Keep Your Daydream
    Keep Your Daydream says:

    We're in Mexico right now building a house for a family that needs a house. It will be next Sunday's episode becuase the channel is current now 🙂 So we can't reply to comments tonight. Thanks for being here! See you next Sunday! 👍

  2. Guido Kartner
    Guido Kartner says:

    Subscribed, love the way you downsizing for the real adventure. I owned a Jeep Wrangler JL with teardrop Trailer in The Netherlands. Bought a Jeep Gladiator and will fix a Alu cab in the future.🇳🇱❤️🇺🇸👍✌️😀

  3. Michael LOUEY
    Michael LOUEY says:

    Hi Trish & Mark, Love your new rig, what a change. Just wanted to thank you for your videos and all I have learnt from watching them. We recently visited the States and took the plunge and hired a small motor home in LA. Our aim was to see the Grand Canyon. Over six days we travelled through Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, Lake Havasu(fancy seeing London Bridge there!), Williams, Page then drove back to LA thru Las Vegas in one day. We had a great time. The scenery is amazing and I hope to get back there one day and see more such as Zion NP. Watching your videos gave me the confidence to try and it all went well. No disasters (although I did forget to close off the Black Tank valve a couple of times resulting in a bit of a mess – glad I got rubber gloves!) and we were very comfortable. Driving a larger vehicle on the other side of the road than I am used to was a challenge only occasionally wandering onto the left side of the road usually after a break or at the start of the day. So thanks again, looking forward to many more of your fun and informative videos. Michael, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

  4. Michael Brown
    Michael Brown says:

    Awesome vid & scenery! Do you have a real time vid downlink from your drone to help with dynamic framing on your aerial flyover shots? Hard to get that right if you don’t know what the drone camera is seeing.

  5. Hugo Hernandez
    Hugo Hernandez says:

    I really hope you guys read this. You guys have really inspire me to do better this year. Seeing you guys travel and still find time to work out inspire me to get back in shape. My goal is to loose 36 pounds by April 1st. I am down 9 pounds since the beginning of the year. Its not a lot but its a start. I hired extra help at my store so I can have more time with the family, and so we can travel more. I got a new group of friends who go rving all the time, which we are currently planning out this year rv trips. Seeing how positive and happy people you guys are, has change me too. I have remove people from my life including friends and family because they where negative, narcissist,drama, and took advantage of me. Thank you guys for the positive impact that y'all have had on me.

  6. Robert Beaubouef
    Robert Beaubouef says:

    Idea… 🙂 on the next season, you can get a Class A for comfort. And still pull the jeep and teardrop for those hard to get places. You have inspired me as we're going with a Toyota and off road trailer with roof tents for now, then the motorhome down the road when the grandson is in college.

  7. Patrick Dunbar
    Patrick Dunbar says:

    I honestly think somewhere through this year you guys need to upgrade to at least a 20ft travel trailer. You have shrunk your RV way too much. We used a GMC 1500 Savana Van Conversion for 8 years and traveled all over the USA, last year we bought a Forest River 27 ft small bunk house and we pull it with a 2013 Chevy Avalanche, now we are planing on buying a Ford 350 HD 4 dr 4×4 and pulling a 32 ft Cougar 5th wheel. We do agree that in order to fit in most National Forests we need to have no larger than a 35 ft.

  8. Adam Ton
    Adam Ton says:

    Love the new rig! In the spring take it McMillan Springs Campground near capital reef Utah take the top off at the campground and jeep to the trail head to Mt. Ellen peak take the kiddos it's amazing. You'll love it so much!

  9. Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson says:

    So beautiful to see in the winter, every summer we drive to Zion thru the east gate and go to Oscars thanks for letting me see angels landing I do not have the balance to attempt it myself but plan on doing the narrows at some point in time

  10. RCKenpilot
    RCKenpilot says:

    Been a huge fan and this episode ensures I’m a fan for life. You two are bad asses. I love what you’re doing. Really honestly such an inspiration! I’ve flown over Zion so many times and I would love to set foot on the ground there. Looks so amazing. Next season can you do backpacking and camping in tents – OK? Love you guys!

  11. AlaskaErik
    AlaskaErik says:

    I have a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and I bought a KZ 130RBSE to tow. I have an inside kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom with shower and a heater. I can boondock at least three or four days before I need to dump and fill up on water. Even longer if I don't take a shower every day. I'm 6' 2" and I can even stand up in the shower!

  12. David Pearson
    David Pearson says:

    It all started with a teardrop, now I am towing a Little Guy Mini Max behind my 2016 JKU (same color). The Mini Max dry weight is about 2100 pounds with rough rider package and solar panels. We did enjoy our teardrop. We used a large electric blanket for heat.

  13. Cody James
    Cody James says:

    Love you guys and your adventures. Kinda bummed for this season as teardrop/jeeps aren't my cup of tea. I hope you guys have a great time with it…and please buy a sailboat soon! You would be numero uno and I would be jumping up and down for joy!

  14. Alex Cast
    Alex Cast says:

    Love it Utah it’s amazing too many places to visit and you right a small rig It’s the best to visit National parks. you need to go to ouray Colorado and do the trails engineering pass and black bear to telluride it’s the most beautiful places in Colorado just be sure go after winter the best time it’s during August when it’s not snow in the mountains. We can’t wait to see more of tour adventures on a Jeep . we just sold our Jeep Wrangler and we bought a ram Rebel and a 25 feet travel trailer and Colorado and Utah was our first trip too many memories thanks alex and lily from expedition Yolo Delaware.

  15. Sam Trigg
    Sam Trigg says:

    Trish what did we learn…." we need more water, heat, bigger bed with Choc mints, ah heck we need Holiday Inn.. :)" Great hike and I think Kent resting spot would be Sam's dieing spot!!! Great video look forward to this season, and to see how much fun you guys have.

  16. Leah Ueckert
    Leah Ueckert says:

    Having overlanded for a year in a small trailer we built, we had to learn all the things you are learning now. Two things which were awesome; trasharoo for garbage and 12v heater blanket between the mattress and sheet (turn on about 30min before bed and your bed is nice and toasty), then top the bed with a big thick down blanket!

  17. Davey C.
    Davey C. says:

    Our favorite winter spot is Big Bend National Park. (I'm not sure if you mentioned going to Texas again). The backroads camping looks incredible – the only way to access so much of the park. That combined with unlimited hiking, biking, kayaking, the hot springs and a trip into Boquillas, Mexico – what more could one ask.


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